India Today’s ‘silly’ headline lands Renuka Shahane in trouble as actress faces brutal trolling for Mumbai rains tweet


Renuka Shahane is arguably one of the most loved actresses in India but she recently fell victim to incessant trolling for no fault of hers. This was after India Today tweeted a photo of Shahane wading through the rainwater in the recent Mumbai rains.

Renuka Shahane

While sharing a photo of her water-soaked body, India Today wrote on Twitter, “Mumbai rains didn’t even spare actress Renuka Shahane who had to wade through water!” The tweet by India Today gave the much-needed fodder to India’s right-wing brigade to attack her as it implied that the actress was expecting special treatment from the rain god.

No sooner did India Today post its tweet, the popular actress began to face incessant trolling by right-wing social media users. One user wrote sarcastically, “Soooo sad !!!! Why didn’t you guys run with a palki to carry her yaar? How insensitive of you??” Another asked, “Do you think actresses are waterproof.” “Rains should be benevolent to film stars at least,” commented another user.

Responding to a tweet by a user, who asked why the rains ought to have spared her, Renuka wrote, “I agree. I’d rather the silly headlines spare me though.”

Responding to another Twitter user, Renuka wrote, “I agree….as if I was expecting some kind of special treatment from the rain and it was shocking that it rained on me despite my being just like every other human being ever born. Who do they think I am?”

India Today also came under plenty of criticism from Twitterati. Replying to the media group’s tweet, one user Ramakrishna UR wrote, “Which journo penned this note? What do they mean by didnt even spare? So, according to this dumb, rains should disappear as soon as VIP comes?” Another user, identified as The Wireless Quint, wrote, “That’s when @IndiaToday hit a new low in journalism. This is what happens when you recruit daddy’s girl little princess party all night wish me on dash dash dash people instead of real journalists. Hail @IndiaToday for breaking its own record again and again.”

Renuka had earlier posted a photo of Mumbaikars helping each other to deal with the waterlogging caused by incessant rains.


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