India Today anchors rely on Chinese journalist to claim killings of 5 PLA soldiers; left red-faced after Chinese journalist reveals she was quoting Indian website!


The Indian army on Tuesday confirmed that the Chinese troops had killed three of its soldiers in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday night during a violent face-off. No sooner did the news of three Indian soldiers including a senior officer being killed dominated social media conversations, India Today claimed that the Indian army had killed five soldiers belonging to the Chinese army. The claim, however, left India Today red-faced as it turned to be unsubstantiated information.

India Today anchors

During a LIVE broadcast of his TV channel, India Today anchor Rahul Kanwal claimed, “Chinese reporter, who works with Global Times, and they are reporting Gaurav (Kanwal’s colleague) that there have been five PLA soldiers killed and 11 injured at the LAC. This is from Wang Wenwen and he (she) is the chief reporter of Global Times. It’s usually just propaganda but if the Chinese propaganda machine is admitting that there have been five deaths on the Chinese side, then is this an act of war?”

No sooner did Kanwal make the stunning claim quoting the Chinese journalist India Today began to flash ‘BREAKING NEWS’ claiming that five Chinese soldiers had been killed.

Another controversial anchor from the Indian Today group, Rohit Sardana, too made a similar claim from his Twitter handle. Usually, these individuals pretend to be nationalists and are known for hosting high-octane TV debates vowing to teach India’s enemy a lesson if that enemy is Pakistan. But on the tragic deaths of three key Indian soldiers including one company commander, they have exposed their fake nationalism.

After Kanwal and Sardana made their stunning claims, the Chinese journalist in question tweeted saying that her source was a little-known Indian Twitter handle.

The Chinese journalist also shared the screenshot of the Indian Twitter handle that she had relied on it to claim the killings of five Chinese soldiers.

Global Times too issued a clarification that it never made any claims about the fatalities on the Chinese side.


Neither Kanwal nor his colleague Sardana have apologised for their misleading claims even after it became clear that they had fallen for fake news.

CLAIM: Indian army killed 5 PLA soldiers!

Our Fact-Check: FALSE



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