“India media captured by fascist interests”: Rahul Gandhi on state of Indian media after India Today anchor’s rant against Sonia Gandhi triggers backlash


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said that the ‘narrative of lies is tearing India apart’ adding that the Indian media had been ‘captured by fascist interests.’ His hard-hitting observation on the state of Indian media came hours after India Today anchor Rahul Gandhi faced a widespread backlash from Congress supporters for his rant against Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

In a series of tweets, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “Today a large part of the Indian news media has been captured by fascist interests. A hate filled narrative is being spread by television channels, whatsapp forwards and false news. This narrative of lies is tearing India apart.”

His subsequent tweet read, “I want to make our current affairs, history and crisis clear and accessible for those interested in the truth. From tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you on video.”

Earlier, India Today anchor Rahul Kanwal stirred a hornet’s nest by holding Congress President Sonia Gandhi responsible for the sad state of affairs in the party. Kanwal wrote on Twitter, “A matriarch’s blind love for her son and refusal to see reality is driving
@INCIndia to political doom. @RahulGandhi has not missed a single opportunity to prove his incompetence. The man is not cut out for politics. All of India can see this, except Mrs Gandhi and RG himself.”

Kanwal had to face the wrath of angry Congress office-bearers for his hard-hitting rant targeting Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi with many declaring him an unofficial spokesperson of the BJP.

The latest controversy surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s leadership came amidst the unfolding crisis in the Rajasthan government as Sachin Pilot rebelled against his own party. There were reports that Pilot may join the BJP claiming support of 30 MLAs. However, as the day progressed, Rajasthan Chief Minister staged a show of strength with the display of support from at least 100 MLAs in the 200-seat Rajasthan assembly. Gehlot has herded all his MLAs to a five-star hotel in Jaipur until the crisis in his government is over.


  1. I completely agree with the views expressed by Rahul Kanwal. Without a shadow of doubt, Mr Rahul Gandhi is the most incompetent and inept ‘leader’ who’s ever appeared in Indian politics. He’s displayed his ineptitude and his numerous inadequacies repeatedly in election after election, and his continued presence at the helm of the Congress Party’s affairs will drive the final nails into the coffin of the moribund INC, faster than expected. And that may not be too bad a thing, after all.


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