India has always been intolerant, artists returning awards will not change anything: Kamal Haasan


Actor Kamal Haasan said on Tuesday during a press conference, that awardees should not return awards even though he himself agreed that there was religious intolerance in the country.

He said India was a victim of religious intolerance since 1947 and that’s precisely what had led to the partition.

The legendary actor said, “Otherwise, India and Pakistan should have been together today. It would have been such a fantastic thing if we were a united country. We could have taken on China in everything in commerce etc. It should not divide the nation again. Though I’m not at all religious, I tolerate all religions. But I will never say I will not have another religion, even though I won’t do it.”

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Haasan said that nothing will change even after the intellectuals, writers, film-makers, scientists and historians returned their awards.

“Those people who have returned their awards are talented people. They can bring about change through their talent. One article will bring more attention than returning the awards. I think they should continue the fight but keep their awards and make us proud against any government, not tolerant”

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Haasan said that Gandhi ji and Nehruji were sensible politicians, but politicians have always been responsible for problems in our society.

“For me I love my nation. Any party, which cares about my nation, I will be useful to that party.”

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