India, China emotionally and culturally close: Aamir Khan


Celebrating the success of PK in the international market, especially China, actor Aamir Khan reportedly said that the it was a result of the ’emotional and cultural closeness of India and China’ and the ‘historical’ love of the people of China for Indian cinema.

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“I think the people of China and India seem to have a connect, which is emotional, cultural, and they are quite similar people. We are quite close emotionally and culturally,” Aamir told a news agency. He further added, “They are an active audience. And the success of ‘PK’ is to the credit of China and the audience there that they are so welcoming of films from different parts the world. That’s something we need to learn from them.”

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The film has broken records collecting approximately Rs 620 crores across the world – highest than any film has ever made and has also managed to earn more than Rs 100 crores in China alone.

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