In rare public outburst, comedian Kapil Sharma shuts up troll after being accused of insulting women


Comedian Kapil Sharma has faced incessant trolling on a number of occasions in the past but seldom did the host of popular Sony TV show react to his critics on social media. However, comedian-actor decided to shut up a woman Twitter user after she attributed sexist comments shared by another user to Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Sharma

One user had tweeted a few lines in Hindi that read, “One should never speak to a girl with respect, else she wants to date the man. And in the event of dating, one has to impregnate her. And this is too young an age to become a father. Says Kapil Sharma.”

This tweet evoked angry reactions from many users including one Beni Madhav, who threatened take legal actions against the above user for disrespecting women on a public platform.

Reacting to this tweet, another Twitter user sought to clarify that the words perceived to be insulting to women were uttered by Kapil Sharma. She wrote, “I wish you read the last line before issuing threats. Those lines were uttered by Kapil Sharma. If possible, do block him and file a case against him since he keeps uttering nonsense on TV anyway. Sony TV channel should also be boycotted. And madam, don’t be a social worker on Twitter, please do some good for girls in the real world. You only have greed for RTs and followers here.”

It was at this point when Kapil Sharma jumped in to clarify that the joke in question had not been uttered by him. He wrote, “Dear sister, I wish you had checked your facts before reacting. Those words weren’t mine. Rest, Lord Ram will take care of everything. Thank you.”

Kapil Sharma hosts The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV on Saturdays and Sundays. Last week, his guests included Aruna Irani and Bindu, two famous ladies who ruled the Bollywood in negative roles in the past.


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