I’m very protective about Shahid Kapoor, says Alia Bhatt


Actor Shahid Kapoor may have found a love of his life in Mira, who he got married with recently, but he still doesn’t feel comfortable talking about how his relationship blossomed.

He’s also found a real friend in ‘protective’ Alia Bhatt, who will not let anyone ask a question about Shahid’s wedding and his relationship with Mira.

At the trailer launch of their upcoming movie, Shaandaar, Alia told mediapersons that she was very ‘protective about Shahid.’

During their meeting with press, a journalist asked Shahid as to who had made the first move between him and wife Mira. While the embarrassed Shahid could think of an appropriate answer, Alia intervened to rescue her co-star.

She told the journalist in question, ” No questions related to Shahid’s marriage. We are here to talk about his movie.” Shahid who looked cornered (we wonder why) meekly responded saying.”

When asked if it was Shaandaar strategy to protect each other from answering any uncomfortable questions, Alia said, “No wedding questions for Shahid Kapoor. I am protective about him.”

Shahid, however, did feel to clarify by saying ‘ I am working currently. We will talk about it when I am not working.’




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