Ignored by Asim Riaz, Twitter influencer Khabri becomes Siddharth Shukla loyalist after questioning legitimacy of Salman Khan’s declaration in finale


Bigg Boss may have ended, but its winner Siddharth Shukla and the first runner-up Asim Riaz continue to remain in the news. In an interesting turn of events, a Twitter influencer, known as The Khabri, has lashed out at Asim after spearheading a campaign in his favour for several months. This was primarily because the person behind running the Twitter handle The Khabri, felt humiliated by a lack of acknowledgement from Asim. Hurt by the public snubbing from Asim, the Twitter handle has launched a bitter campaign against Asim, even to the extent of contradicting himself spectacularly.

Siddharth Shukla

His latest social media posts are mostly in favour of Siddharth, who The Khabri had termed a fixed winner of this year’s Bigg Boss. Here are a few screenshots of his earlier tweets.

One of his tweets had read, “In the history of All Biggboss Seasons, I had never seen any winner being humiliated so much the amount of insult that Siddharth is facing. He will always carry the tag of #FixedWinner.”

However, he’s now made some spectacular claims stating that Siddharth had defeated Asim by a huge margin. He’s, however, not revealed the source of his information. The unsubstantiated claim made by The Khabri has been picked up by several Indian media outlets, mostly Hindi websites including Aaj Tak, which too have not cared to verify the controversial claims.

A UK-based entertainment portal took to Twitter to highlight the hypocrisy of The Khabri, by ridiculing its earlier claims that it was responsible for Asim Riaz’s entry in this year’s Bigg Boss finale.  Asjad Nazir wrote, “Khabri was also responsible for India winning the world cup, Lagaan getting nominated for an Oscar, teaching John Cena wrestling and showing Madhuri Dixit how to dance.”

It seems that The Khabri fell out with Asim after the latter refused to grant the Twitter handle an interview citing his busy schedule. Asim’s brother Umar had taken to Twitter likening The Khabri to a mad dog.

Many would ask whether The Khabri is misleading the audience when he called Siddharth Shukla the ‘fixed winner’ of this year’s Big Boss or is he lying now.


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