IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan’s incredible initiative, waiters and delivery boys made brand ambassadors in Lok Sabha polls


IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan has found herself engaged in election duties twice within a year of accepting her posting in Bhilwara as the SDM. She had earned plenty of plaudits for her role in raising awareness amongst voters during the last year’s assembly polls. With Rajasthan scheduled to go for parliamentary polls on 29 April, Tina has once again taken it upon herself to bring voters to polling booths in large numbers.

Tina Dabi Khan

The affable young civil servant has come up with quirky slogans with an intention to drive home a point on the need to increase voters’ participation. While posting 10 slogans on Instagram, Tina wrote, “Khaana Khaa Ke Bhool na Jaana, Vote Dene Zaroor Jana!!!! In order to address the urban apathy towards voting, we have tried to tap into the food culture in Bhilwara city.”

She went on to add that how the district administration had partnered with ‘restaurants, cafes, roadside eateries, sweet shops and bakeries, Saras Milk Parlours as well as Zomato to promote voting as a part of the food experience.’ She wrote, “Our motive is to get the message of voting into hearts and minds of voters through food. Waiters and Delivery Boys will now be the ambassadors of this campaign. Khaao Chat Aur Poori, Par Vote Bhi Dena hai Zaroori!!!”

Tina was recently in the news after she wrote an incredibly emotional post for her husband Athar Aamir Khan, on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. Athar was the All India 2nd ranked topper in the same year when Tina had secured the number one ranking.

Titled as ‘One Year as Mrs Khan,’ Tina had written in her post, “Dearest Khan Sahab, Its 20 March 2019 today and I cannot believe that it has been one year since we signed up to belong to each other forever. We have had our ups, and we have had our downs. We have had our shares of debates and arguments but also the innumerable moments where we have cherished and loved one another. We have discovered not only each other but somehow even our own selves in the process.”



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