‘Hypocrite’ Arnab Goswami yells at Salman Khan, Twitterati say, “We better brace ourselves for a Republic TV-Bigg Boss crossover episode”


There is not a single day that goes without Arnab Goswami or members of India’s lapdog media not disgracing the profession of journalism. On a day a woman editor of Times Now was seen smiling at pro-BJP Kangana Ranaut calling veteran actress Urmila Matondkar a ‘soft porn’ star, a video of Arnab Goswami yelling at Salman Khan using disparaging words went viral. This prompted many to condemn the controversial anchor, while others said that this was just the beginning of a future when the ‘Republic TV-Bigg Boss crossover episode’ would become an acceptable phenomenon. Others were quick to highlight his hypocrisy by reminding Goswami about his previous claims of being a ‘big fan’ of Salman Khan.

Arnab Goswami

Launching an extraordinary rant against Salman Khan, the Republic TV founder said, “Where’s that Salman, who used to talk so much? Where is he hiding? Why does he not raise a single voice against the drugs mafia? … I am asking this question by naming Salman Khan. Where are you, Salman Khan? Not a single statement or tweet. Why are you silent on the entire episode of Disha Salian? Why are you silent on the murder of Sushant (Singh Rajput)? Which city are you in Salman? Which country are you in Salman? You are a person, who speaks against the pulse of the nation. You will read the dialogues of Bigg Boss when they are written for you by others.”

As expected, Goswami began to face the wrath from netizens for his attack against Salman by dragging him to the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

Some Twitterati dug out an old interview of Salman by Goswami when the latter worked for Times Now. In that interview, Goswami was seen expressing his awe for the Bollywood actor. In his intro, he had said, “Thanks for giving me time Salman, each time speaking to you is an absolute pleasure. I am a total fan.”

In that interview, the ‘fan’ Goswami had showered praises on Salman Khan. He had told Salman how many people tried to copy him but no one was able to match the success of the Dabangg actor.

Salman Khan has been a popular face of Colors TV reality show, Bigg Boss, which he’s been hosting for many years. Colors TV recently unveiled the video of the upcoming edition of the reality show.


  1. JANTA : Pathetic reporting and poor shallow mindset people writing and commenting on the same. All news published is trash.
    Will urge people to not to promote such journalism like of JANTA.


      • Because its for News TRP. Why the Desi news standards have fallen? In west news are neutral to anti government keeping them in check. Here they scrutinise and keep a check on Congress. How the fk Rahul gandi matters if I have voted you in.

      • Is it Salman khan is in CBI or Minister in any govt ? is he is doing investigation in sushan case? You can’t force anybody to speak or put his openion, it is just trp journalism.. #dalal media#

      • Clearly ‘Janka ka reporter’ is the so called ‘bhaijaan’s’ ganda.. you don’t teach Arnab Goswami journalism.. he very well knows what he’s asking and what he’s doing.. he will change the face of bollywood and the Indian corruption system.. we ordinary people support him.. no matter how many fearing the truth oppose him we will support him.. Sathyameva Jayate!!

        • Ya arnab knows Very well how to lick and when to lick. MF as s hole. Why this hypocrite journalist aranb gaandswami doesnt talk about current failure of government?

      • Then why he is not asking Modi-shah. Why only salman who has no link with ssr suicide case. Actually he wants trp thats it. He is a greedy as s hole.


    • He is not janta report but he seem too much frustrated by govt so targeting them by this fake blogs.. ???hadd kr di apne…

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking Salman Khan views, but the way he is asking is disgrace.. He is barking like a DOG.. Is this what you call professional..

  2. Arnab is not a hypocrite he is very sensible, I been watching his debate for long, he takes up important issues that has been plaguing this society for decades, yes his debates prick those who are fake fraud and anti national journalists activists political parties with no national feeling and good for nothing celebrities boolywood immorals and drug underworld mafia, as a sr citizen I say countries youth must watch his debates in order to get self respect creativity national esteem, so I request you not to mislead your viewers with such nonsense

  3. TRP or not Arnab is right… the industry needs cleansing… our diaspora is so myopic they keep these dummies in high esteem what have they done to the country…. How many remember the name of 21 year old Lt Arun Ketrapal yongest PVM ? Who burnt himself in a tank destroying 7 enemy tanks in basantar? HE IS A REAL HERO Why Amir Khan didn’t do a styamevajayte in his own stinking industry? You call such hypocrites heros

  4. Those who are against Arnab will be so. It is not that a rant of the champion anchor against a Salman has infuriated them and they expressed their anger. They are against Arnab in each & every action or talk of his.

    If not, then can anyone show me a person angry with Arnab for so called maligning of Salman also happy with him for protecting Ravi Kishan from unwarranted attack from Jaya Bachchan ?

    No not a single one can be found.

  5. Salman Khan and his Bolly-Da-wood cronies are definitely going to be thrown into jail. Politicians, cops & doctors guilty in the Disha, Sushant murder cases are also going to be behind bars soon. This is due to the relentless pressure of 130 crore Indians (barring a few unworthy ones)!! Noone can escape. ‘Friendly media’ won’t know where to hide their faces .. and probably Arnab Goswami is going to have the last laugh.

  6. Arnab is a rockstar….. First time in history of journalism….. One journalist is questioning these taporis and goons in their language and tone…. Kudos to him…… Filmstars ka arrogance, attitude, negligence towards sensitive issues and yes mockery of law….. Tumko chalta hai and ek journalist ne thoda aggression kya dikhaya….. Lagi fatne.

  7. Arnab is think he is judge of SC and he provided justice in his show,he is a type of person with disrespectful, mannerless and unethical. His every show clearly showing he is promoting particular political party.Once he is my favorite journalist now he is just so called journalist who barking for their master..

  8. East Or West
    Arnab & Kangana
    Are The Best

    What’s wrong in their speaking out. Truth is not afraid of anything. Nary a single star of Bollywood has the guts to defend Kangana. Shame on them. Jaya Bacchan says that Bollywood is being defamed as if it is a sacred shrine! It has already demeaned itself by having links with the underworld. The stars don’t want to reveal that. That’s why they are so silent. Kangana is straight forward. That’s why she has spoken the shenanigans of Bollywood. Both Arnab and Kangana deserve Bharat Ratna for bravery.

    • What a guess aren’t you ashamed bharat ratna was created by congress all the thing and build by congress and you are making use of it let him ask Modi and yogi what they think of ssr murder as they have enough time

    • Looking at today’s scenario I m damn sure barking dogs like these two will only get bharatratn….not for bravery …but for shouting illogically to spread unrest

  9. Arnab is the most intellectual, well spoken,sharp minded journalist this nation will ever have. What kind of an article is this? Did the writer even think twice before writing about what he wants to say? So what if arnab was once a fan of Salman knan? If he sees that the “star” is not raising any concern over this upfront and obvious ” dal me kala” ssr death and drug mafia case in Bollywood, then where is the wrong in him raising his voice against Salman now?

  10. So u think that only u guys know how to do journalism. Who certified u to call out other media houses as lapdogs? Its the public and mass thinking that makes the media, not the other way around. If you want to be better, run facts not opinion.

  11. What’s the point of your rant?, You speak the same initial points again and again . . and the initial points themselves are senseless, but you Don’t prove that Arnab is a hypocrite. You have a faulty emotional logic/argument . . Not a rational one. Arnab has raised journalism. Not lowered it – You are lowering it. Communist angle? – it’s been proven to be irrational.

    • And for long long time.
      Mothers will tell their children stories… Once upon a time there was a wolf in a sheeps clothing named Salman. ?

  12. Journalism is not about barking or braying learn from Karan Thapar as to how to be a anchor. Language the unbiased modus operandi. Arnab seems to have got it all wrong. Sushant is dead why do you have to lament about his demise to such a large extent. Parveeen babi died at that time you never glorified her death today why? Kangana is being made a scapegoat for those many who wish to have something to talk. Today there are more pressing issues. The economy is at the brink of collapse, jobs are scarce poverty has raised it’s ugly hood to cripple very many households. Today we instead of addressing these pressing issues we are fighting over the dead.

    • Meaningless and irrelevant. If you can’t explain a criticizm by logic or facts – then it’s a personal attack. I can see nothing but jihadi mindset here. You’ll get a rational factual explanation from people when you too attempt to be rational.

    • “Justice for Sushant” is not just for Sushant Singh Rajput…..but is a warning for the murderers in the future. Just that Sushant’s popularity is being used to pass a message to the society.

  13. Whether Salman wants to comment,speak on all matters or selectively is his preorgative.Did he ever gave any commitment to anybody that he will do so.so who are you to question him.Having been an ardent Arnab fan,it is painful to see him raving and ranting maniacally and assming him to the voice of the people.

    • Must say Mr. Goswami is doing a fantastic job by sticking to the SSR/Disha Salian case all the time. Not many would. But with rising popularity comes haters as well. And this article from jantakareporter is example of being absolutely shameful and a disgrace to the nation; using this opportunity to launch a futile counter-attack on Arnab and gain more views. You know it already, Arnab is a huge fan of Mr. Salman Khan, and this “rant” on television is coming from a true fan who wants his idol to speak up on this topic (Salman has been in the industry for more than 30 years now, he must know something or atleast tell the public he doesn’t know anything). Though this is your channel, your choice on how to run it, but please don’t ruin media for more views, TRPs. Remember one thing, Republic TV stuck to reveal the truth, they only gained TRPs because the nation stands with SSR.

  14. Divya Bharti, Sridevi, Parveen Babi, Sushant…… are all murder cases….. ask any forensic expert…… it’s a wake-up call for all public to not blindly spend the hard earned money on promoting box office collections…. also, people have to stop making a Godfather out of them…. they hold huge chunk of black money at the cost of the poor middle and lower class…. lavish lifestyle…. they practically don’t know what to do with the huge amount of black money they get for EACH films….. Sushant’s case WILL expose and change Bollywood in a big revolutionary way.

  15. I stand with Arnab, there are reason he is calling out Salman Khan, i feel sorry for u people for supporting Salman , that you cant see wad he did in limelight is just some cases wad he does behind the curtains are bigger and worse, and the silent “heroes and heroine” are actually living life of an actor and actress by wearing shiny fancy clothes and faking it all. Andd sorry to this Janta report to be highlighting only bash to Arnab if u read more there are more supporters for Arnab than Salman. Good luck next time

  16. Arnab go shamy is nothing but a bunch of shame to this country for entertainment journalism and acting on the script written by his father’s many from rss and bjp diverting the attention of people from real facts of unemployment,China incursion,economy,Covid failure,lockdown failure,demonetisation and all other facts instead he should have asked pm how he is planning to bring back economy,employment if some one calls me anti national for this show your mother will get you a younger brother who will be nationalist one more april 1 is been officially changed to September 17 hurray. Enjoy bhakts

  17. Where are you Arnav gooswamy?are you in india? Why you never asked about unemployment,present economic conditions,farmers problem of India?

    • Re-Pub-Leak , is not asking Public related Question Roti Kapda aur Makam. Re-Pub- Leaking Govt …………To get Maximum Advertising Business.

      • Yaseen bhai, you people dont like to stop at anything. Isn’t it?
        When your country sees a big loss in one person fighting against the biggest ever drug cartel in the world.
        I dont think these are your words or your personal opinion , these are the worda of your aaka.

  18. Re-Pub-Leak , is not asking Public related Question Roti Kapda aur Makam. Re-Pub- Leaking Govt …………To get Maximum Advertising Business.

  19. The term ‘going bananas’ comes to mind! Banana Republic??? News channels or nuisance channels? If only opposition and ruling parties act responsibly instead of looking for political gains, so much progress can be made instead of such a colossal waste of time.

    Even me and my entire family were fan of bollywood.. including Salman – Amitabh and everyone! But we adored Sushant more than anyone else! We’ve been watching him since Pavitra Rishta and almost watched all of his movies in big screens! We were grieving.. but On his utter controversial and mysterious demise.. NOT EVEN ONE ‘SUPERSTAR’ bothered to comment for seeking justice once the case became transparent that it’s not just a suicide! I repeat NOT EVEN ONCE..! Moreover began to leave this country.. broke Kangana’s office and what nots!
    Meanwhile “Republic channel” calls it a ‘Muheem’ which by the term itself means that they won’t stop untill the justice has been served! EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT it’s not just a murder.. but huge powers and crimes have also been involved in this!
    While you Hypocrites are doing what?! ‘Taking Jibes on Arnab’s journalism..?!’ why? Ran out of content..?! It’s bloody his channel and his platform and he’s all doing it for us..!

  21. Oh so ppl are talking abt roti kapda aur makaan here? I didn’t knw this.. Logon ko kuchalke maar dena Don ke sath relations hona… Bigg boss mein jo don banta hai.. Ye sab kuch nahi hai kya… Etni andhbhakti kyun ek actor ko leke.. N thn ppl say we are not illiterate..

  22. Pls don’t use this name जनता का रिपोर्टर यू आर a bloody reporter of kongress and agahti group reporter।।।।

  23. सच सुन नहीं सकते तुम लोग तो लिखना क्या सीखोगे, we are with कंगना and arnab, you people are bloody चमचा

  24. When the maha government bulldozed Kangana’s office, wasn’t that death of democracy?? Where were you bloody shameless fellows? You people better RIP

  25. Arman Goswamy started from NDTV and his debates on Times Now were balanced. They were not doctored and fair for everyone.
    Now on Republic they are one sided and outcome is known even before denate starts.
    Waspas as ja Arnab bhai. Nation needs you.

  26. Republic TV was the only TV channel that dug out the ugly side of bollywood and mafia gang behind SSR and poor Dishaa killing. Kudos to Arnab for steadfastly standing for the truth. Janta views here are completely misplaced and cannot be supported.


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