Husband arrested with model girlfriend in connection with teacher wife’s murder in Delhi


Police in Delhi have cracked a murder mystery of a government school teacher, who was allegedly murdered by her husband in Delhi’s Bawana area. Police have arrested the victim’s husband, Manjeet and his girlfriend, Angel Gupta.


According to reports, Manjeet carried out the murder of his wife, a government school teacher in Haryana, after she objected to his illicit relationship with Gupta. 38-year-old Suneeta’s bullet-ridden body was found next to her scooter in Bawana on Monday. The deceased is survived by a 16-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.

The cops had refused to deem it a case of a robbery since the deceased’s belongings including her bad were untouched.

It’s, however, not clear, as to whether Manjeet himself shot his wife dead or he hired contract killers for this purpose. Suneeta’s family had contacted police to raise suspicion on Manjeet’s role behind the murder. Gupta, who was in Mumbai, had joined the probe on Tuesday.

“We had recovered Sunita’s diary, which contained crucial details of her husband’s affair. Sunita’s daughter knew about the diary. She had told us about it,” an unnamed investigating officer was quoted by Hindustan Times.

Police have also arrested one 40-year-old Rajiv in connection with the murder.




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