Hina Khan wants to forget everything about Bigg Boss, here’s why?


Actor model Hina Khan got a new lease of life to her acting career after she took part in this year’s Bigg Boss show, where she finished the first runner-up to Shilpa Shinde, who eventually went on to win the title.

Hina Khan

Though Hina had also taken part in another reality TV show, Khatron Ke Khiladi, she had failed to win that competition. Also, Khatron Ke Khiladi did not help much to her popularity until she appeared on Bigg Boss.

Post her Bigg Boss stint, the actor has been at the centre of constant media attention. She even won a few awards recognising her status as a style icon. There are also reports that Hina may be cast as the new age Kumolika when Ekta Kapoor relaunches her old TV show Kasauti Zindagi Kay. 

The actor has, however, stunned everyone by saying that she did not want to remember anything about her time in Bigg Boss. Why would she do that given that her acting career got an extraordinary boost because of this reality show?

This is what she told Hindustan Times, “People saw me in a different light. I got a lot of appreciation about how I look. I knew this is a change for me.” She added “There is a lot of difference. People look differently at me, they have a lot of expectations from me. I got style icon awards, I was given the HT Most Stylish award. That happened like on the second day I was out of the Bigg Boss house.”

She went on to add, “I don’t. I don’t even remember. I swear. Everybody knows that I have this problem of forgetting everything. I don’t remember anything. I actually don’t remember anything about my show which I did for eight years. Isn’t it strange? This is how I am in real life. I move on very easily.”

Hina was recently in news after a jewellery company alleged that she had committed a fraud worth Rs 12 lakh after she failed to return the jewellery she wore for an event. Hina, in turn, had sent a defamation notice claiming damages worth Rs 5 crore from the jewellery brand.

Hina was also condemned for posting a video of an air hostess, who her former Bigg Boss housemate Priyank Sharma reportedly had a crush on.


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