Himanshi Khurana aka Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai makes sensational revelation about Arhaan Khan’s pain on Rashami Desai’s friendship with Siddharth Shukla and insult by Salman Khan


Himanshi Khurana, who once claimed to be the Aishwarya Rai of Punjab, on Friday stirred things up by making sensational revelations about Arhaan Khan related to Rashami Desai. Himanshi revealed that Arhaan was hurt with his girlfriend Rashami, who had not made any efforts to protect his dignity when Salman Khan made fun of him on national TV. Arhaan, according to Himanshi, also told her that he was pained to see his girlfriend becoming Siddharth Shukla’s friend all over again even though the latter had assaulted him and torn his shirt.

Arhaan Khan

Himanshi told Vishal Aditya Singh as Asim hugged her, “Arhaan sent a message to me that he was very disturbed.” Asim intervened asking her to not share anything from outside. To which Himanshi replied, “Asim, let me speak. This doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Himanshi continued informing that Rashami’s changed behaviour had left Arhaan incredibly hurt. She said, “He (Arhaan) is very disturbed from her (Rashami) (sic). He asked me to tell Asim that he (latter) maintained his friendship. Arhaan reminded me that had Rashami forgotten the incident that Siddharth tore his shirt? That man (Arhaan) cried in front of me.

Arhaan had to face public humiliation during his brief stay inside the Bigg Boss house. First, Salman Khan had sensationally revealed that he had not told Rashami about his secret child from his first marriage. On another occasion, Siddharth had assaulted him and torn his shirt after Arhaan went to defend Rashami, who was engaged in a bitter fight with the former.

Himanshi said, “He (Arhaan) said that he wasn’t wrong on many issues and Rashami could have clarified but she didn’t. He said that ‘if I am being insulted on national TV, then clarifications should also have been made here only.’ I really don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, but he asked, “what was the motive for me to fight with Siddharth Shukla? She’s my girlfriend and if someone makes fun of her in my presence then I will fight for her.’

“If she (Rashami) had to become his (Siddharth’s) friend all over again after my eviction, then what was the point for me to fight with him. I didn’t have any personal rivalry with Siddharth. I told Arhaan that I did not want to get involved but I really feel pity for you.”

Both Vishal and Asim agreed that Rashami had indeed emerged as a selfish person after Arhaan left the house. Rashami was earlier heard saying to Devoleena Bhattacharjee that Arhaan was not her type of man.


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