Harbhajan Singh trolled for tweet on Chandrayaan 2 launch, accused of being communal


Former India cricketer Harbhajan Singh has found himself at the target of incessant Twitter trolling after he posted a seemingly harmless tweet celebrating the successful launch of Chandrayaan 2 on Monday.

Harbhajan Singh

Taking to Twitter, Harbhajan had written “Some countries have moon on their flags
While some countries having their flags on moon.” While doing so, he also posted the flags with the moon from countries with a predominantly Muslim population and compared them to countries such as the US, Russia, China and India, who’ve had their moon missions.

No sooner did the former India cricketer share his tweet, he began to face incessant atatck from some Twitter users, who accused him of being communal. They argued why Harbhajan had only chosen flags from Muslim countries. Activist Kavita Krishnan wrote, “May I disturb this bigoted story of yours with some reality? This is the Nepal flag, also with the crescent moon on it. Literally ‘flagging’ all ‘Muslim’ countries, is the essence of Islamophobic baiting & profiling. Wish you cd learn from Sri Lankan cricketers & rise above this.”

Other also reacted similarly;

However, Harbhajan also found some support from others, who felt that there was nothing communal about his tweet.


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