Great Betrayal: Red-faced Siddharth Shukla cornered by friends Arti Singh and Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif as Asim Riaz enjoys discomfort


If Siddharth Shukla felt that Asim Riaz was the only contestant who had felt the discomfort over the former’s decision to save Paras Chhabra, he has been blissfully mistaken. Day after Asim Riaz gave him grief for his controversial decision, both Arti Singh and Shehnaaz Gill finally broke their silence and cornered him. A visibly embarrassed Siddharth simply could not come up with a satisfactory answer. Worse, Asim Riaz enjoyed his discomfort from a distance.

Siddharth Shukla

The development in question took place on Saturday night in the garden area of the Bigg Boss house. Justifying his decision to save Paras, Siddharth had argued that he was merely paying back his favour since the former had saved him during the chess task earlier in the competition.

Arti, who’s been supporting Siddharth all through the competition, decided to muster the courage to grill her friend for his glaring betrayal. Arti told Siddharth that whilst she understood why he had the urge to return Paras’ favour, but asked if Paras would have been able to move the chess piece bearing Siddharth’s name forward had she and Shehnaaz not moved them forward earlier.

Arti Singh is the sister of Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Essentially, what Arti and Shehnaaz were implying that without their help even Paras wouldn’t have been able to save Siddharth. This left Siddharth speechless as he desperately looked for a suitable response.

Siddharth’s discomfort increased manifold after he found Asim Riaz smiling at the grilling session at the hands of Arti and Shehnaaz. Asim, who was busy working out in the gym area, was visibly enjoying the scene, leaving Siddharth even more frustrated.

Asim had embarrassed Siddharth by asking why he had not saved Arti, who’s been supporting him all through the competition. Asim had called Siddharth a cheater. Paras, on the other hand, was seen crying at the generosity of Siddharth.



  1. Siddharth is absolutely right and at this stage of game he needs reliable partner not a flipper.
    Asim is a bloody baby. He depends on his beauty, treachery and lies. Ignore this chutiya.

    Vote for :#SiddhartShukla@BB13

  2. Siddharth is playing game from day 1. He is very clever but Asim is a true friend. Siddharth is hiding his planning by saying rubbish as first the pyada was forwarded by Sehnaaz and Arti and then last move was Paras because with one move he cannot save mahira.

  3. no i don’t think that sidharth is a cheater but asim is not true he isa lier he use shefali sidharth now rashami sidharth is such a nice person

    • Rashmi and Shefali are not only senior to Asim but clever too so they wont be used easily. Asim tried his best to defend himself n stay in the game despite negativity. Sid is definitely cunning n clever too.

  4. Shukla is the strongest contestant of the season but not by his game but by the baised makers of the latest example is of Asim sharing the memorable of the show in front of Shilpa Shetty which was not telecasted.many more clips are there which wsa edited in favour of Shukla and which in turn potrait nagativty of Asim

  5. Arti has come to top 7 due to makers n shukla not shukl aand one more thing paras deserves more than arti na dekha na jana publish kar diya
    Ar Asim jo khud sidhath k tukde pe popular hua without no talent wo kya question krega jo khud ek din pehle arti ko bahar nikal ne k liye uske chai me dawa milaya
    Shame on such writes who quote such titles


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