Govinda sends special message to Sanjeev Shrivastava aka dancing uncle


The popularity of Sanjeev Shrivastava, also known as dancing uncle, doesn’t seem to experience any sign of waning since his dance video at a wedding party catapulted him to instant stardom.

dancing uncle

After he became a social media rage, Shrivastava was made the brand ambassador of Bidisha Municipal Corporation in Madhya Pradesh. Girls simply couldn’t have enough while embedding their own dance video with that of Shrivastava.

Actor Anushka Sharma and Arjun Kapoor too were drawn into his performance and praised Shrivastava, who’s a college professor in Bidisha.

Sharing a video of dancer Pragya Behera, actor Anushka Sharma wrote, “OMG! I’m legit upset I didn’t think of doing this. ?Loving your moves and your #NUSH tee”


Arjun Kapoor wrote, “I can see pure happiness on Mr #sanjeevshrivastva s face while he dances… this pure joy is what we actors & performers crave when we let loose in front of the camera, the ability to make others wanna dance just by looking at u is an acquired skill… keep the moves flowing sir.”

Now Shrivastava’s popularity has reached Govinda, who the dancing uncle had termed his source of inspiration. Speaking to India Today, Govinda said, “Somebody in Mumbai sent me the video. I liked it. I showed it to my wife Sunita…What’s special about his dance is that he didn’t do the steps consciously. I watched him dance and realised he was copying me well]…It’s so nice to see somebody copying you.”

The popular Bollywood actor, whose dance from film the Khudgarz, Shrivastava had chosen for one of his dance performances at a wedding function, also asked the new social media sensation to keep enjoying his dance. He said, “I really liked the way you were enjoying while dancing and I would request you to keep enjoying yourself. I also liked the way your wife danced with you on stage.”

In the original wedding video, Shrivastava was seen dancing to an old Bollywood chart-buster, Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se.., a song that had Govinda and Neelam enthrall the audience in the movie Khudgarz in the late 80s. Although the dancing uncle had his wife giving him company on stage, it’s his solo performance, which caught the imagination of internet users.



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