“God is sitting LIVE here: Comedian Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show in tears as families share extraordinary act of kindness by Sonu Sood on Sony TV reality show


Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show was left in tears along with the entire cast of India’s Best Dancer when Sonu Sood joined the dance reality show on Saturday night. What made the night extremely emotional was the personal stories of those, who were helped by Sonu’s extraordinary act of kindness during the nationwide lockdown.

Sonu had stunned everyone by helping hundreds of migrant workers reach their native places during the lockdown during the nationwide lockdown when public transports including trains and buses had stopped working. Millions of poor migrant workers were forced to walk hundreds of kms to reach home when Sonu emerged as an angel as the actor provided free buses and planes to transport these desperate people in their moment of agony.

Recalling Sonu’s act of kindness, Bharti said, “Our country has such a large population. If we have even 10 people like Sonu Sood, our country will become great.”

Sonu, for his part, said that the pandemic had made him a changed man. He said, “Today’s Sonu Sood is a different man compared to what he was three months ago.” He said that he did not want that period to return to the country.

The actor was seen wiping his tears on as people shared their personal stories on the show. One such family was from Bihar as they revealed how they had named their newly born child ‘Sonu Sood.’ Sonu had rescued the mother, who was forced to walk on the road in her final stage of pregnancy.

Judge and choreographer Geeta Kapoor said that Sonu had no idea what he had done by helping the poor during the pandemic. “It’s amazing what you’ve done. I don’t have words to express my gratitude,” she added.

Sonu was in tears watching a special performance dedicated to his heroics during the pandemic. Malaika Arora said that she was happy to have known the actor personally. Both had acted together in Dabangg.

As the show came to an end, Bharti said pointing to Sonu, “Bhagwan kaise hota hai agar aapko live dekhna hai to yahan dekhiye, (If you want to see the God LIVE, then see here).”



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