“Give him senior citizen’s role in films”: Arnab Goswami intensifies personal attack on Salman Khan, calls him 60-year-old senior citizen; former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan on Republic TV


Arnab Goswami has intensified his personal attack on Salman Khan by disparagingly calling the Dabangg actor a 60-year-old senior citizen. Goswami launched his fresh attack against Salman as he invited former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan to his TV channel, Republic Bharat, by copying the programme format of Aaj Tak.

BJP spokesperson Shweta was debating with one Vikram Singh, a Shiv Sena supporter, on the show when Arshi Khan decided to intervene to clarify that Salman Khan was not in Dubai. She told the BJP panellist, “People are not fool. You are spreading rumours that Salman Khan is in Dubai. Who has spotted Salman going to Dubai? Where do you get this information that Salman Khan is in Dubai?”

No sooner had Arshi finished making her point, Goswami decided to lash out at the former Bigg Boss contestant as he yelled, “O Arshi. We are debating a serious issue here. Who’s this Salman Khan? You can talk about Salman Khan when I discuss comedy. Who’s Salman? Everyone will know his worth after his next film is released…He makes a movie in the name of Bharat but says nothing on Disha (Salian’s death).”

Goswami did not stop here as he continued with his rant. “Did Salman say anything on Sushant (Singh Rajput’s death)? Salman’s importance is limited to this. He’s not important beyond this point. And don’t discuss this 60-year-old man on my programme. Give him a senior citizen’s role.”

Goswami’s ‘senior citizen’ jibe against Salman was in reference to his age. The popular Bollywood actor is 54 years old.

Last week, Aaj Tak had pitted Arshi against Sambit Patra without realising that the show will take an insanely hilarious turn. This was after Goswami was declared a ‘hypocrite’ for yelling at Salman hysterically for his silence on the controversy surrounding the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

This is not the first time that Goswami has yelled at Salman through his TV channel. Last week, the video of Arnab Goswami yelling at Salman Khan using disparaging words had gone viral on a day a woman editor of Times Now was seen smiling at pro-BJP Kangana Ranaut calling veteran actress Urmila Matondkar a ‘soft porn’ star. This had prompted many to condemn the controversial anchor, while others said that this was just the beginning of a future when the ‘Republic TV-Bigg Boss crossover episode’ would become an acceptable phenomenon. Others were quick to highlight his hypocrisy by reminding Goswami about his previous claims of being a ‘big fan’ of Salman Khan.

Arnab Goswami has been shouting from the rooftop about his recent achievement of dislodging Aaj Tak Hindi news channel from the No. 1 position. Many have accused the Republic TV founder of resorting to cheap theatrics to gain the much-needed TRP by dragging his coverage on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death endlessly and not paying attention to real issues plaguing ordinary public.



  1. Why discuss this chutiya journalist, oh sorry he’s not a journalist. They call themselves a news channel but is this even a news? Shouting and shouting everytime. We want news reports on real issues of India not this Kangana/shivsena/salman shit.

    • Request all to stop viewing this joker’s channel. What he wants is trp, + or -. Let us ignore him completely. His views and shoutings are worth Nothing

      • So basically SSR death Disha death
        Drugs nexus is not an important issue to telecast. Saying anything against the Big actors makes hi.chutiya. Where many media houses everyday make so vulgar comments about Amit shah and Modi.
        Good going guys, if people like you all stay for more than 20 yrs in this country it will be doomed to become the next Indonesia of the world.
        Grow up and understand what bigger stakes we are at.
        What is so wrong in asking ” Why are big stars of bollywood so silent in these case” when a member of their fraternity has died in such a conspiracy. Such a big drug nexus has opened up and still these biggies are silent. Yet people like u support these chutiyas.. Good i am happy i am not 1 of u.. Jo jis thali mei kahte hain usi mei hag dete hain..

  2. Ohhhhhh. Here comes this 80 year old man ‘ Arnab Goswami’ see your self hahahaha. Dare you call him a old person. Check on your self first. And you are bringing Salman always in the middle. If your channel is not working then remove it na by taking Salman’s name you want to make trp we know that. But sooooo much also. Chchch poor thing for this old se bhi old arnab Goswami. By the way how old are you must be surly in 80’s that’s why falling to weak. You bloody person only allows he’s supporter’s to speaking in the debate and when the opposite party speaks then he again starts barking support support. If you can’t take the truth then stup the crap. Bloody

    • Shut up! Salman is ******* arnab could even take over to shahrukh Khan this old citizens are the worst people and that’s the reason why the youth hates India, that’s the reason India only has two person Sundar pichai and Satya nadella as a Indian pride who left India and lives and work in America ,that’s the reason India is getting worded everyday, this Bollywood is the reason why our no minded youth thinking he or she is cool ruining her/his life and becoming do called loafer
      That’s the reason why no foreigner comes to India
      That’s the reason why most of the Indians who like and watch Bollywood’s so called heroes their life sucks
      That’s the reason no one can become Elon musk or mark zukerberg in India
      That’s the reason why Every Indian in the end of it’s life think he did nothing but ruin his whole life
      So now shut up and boycott this worst Bollywood’s so called heroes and heroines to improve India and to improve yourself
      And think what are you getting loving these Bollywood’s pieces of Shit so called heroes!

  3. This punk .. a nincompoop, a moron, an ignoramus, a short stupid stud bull .. who goes by the name of Salman Khan will not get even senior citizen concessions in Tihar jail where he is going to obtain permanent residency soon unless of course he is hung by the neck till pronounced dead !!

  4. Athan scumbag lowlife Moron do you need a Salman Khan for your TRPs ? Salman is way mature and classy to know not to respond to a shit head like you. Salman is 54 years and looks way beyond handsome and fit for his age, and 54 years is not old Dumbass . You look ready to enter an Old aged home cause you show more signs of Dementia, Alzeihmers and mental health issues 😂😂😂😂 . You in your entire life will never be able to reach to reach the height and get the respect of billions the way Salman has. So just F off!!

  5. Shut up Arnab Goswami ..are o arnab dimag sahi rakhna senior citizens ki list main tum aate ho samjhe na ..shakal dekhi hai waisa hi dimag paya hai tumne .na aurat se tamiz hai bat karne ki na kisi se.kangna k gane ga rahe ho kyoki tumko ek support karne wala mil gaya kyoki wo b tumhare jaise I ghatiya language use kar rahi hai bade chote sabke liye ..u r not a journalist tum wo sadhu ho jo mantra padh k bandi ko apne vash main karte ho bakwas

  6. Arnab y r u sooooooo…… Jealous of Salman Khan Salman Khan z genius superb person he z not filmy hero infact he z real hero v do respect don’t go behind his age look at his humbleness humanity politeness on his face and stand before mirror nd plz watch urself fr few minutes carefully ummmm ok tc

  7. Mr Arnab is smart n intelligent, he knows how to market himself n get TRPs for his channel…Its a reverse strategy to gain popularity…
    Mr Salman Khan n his team are intelligent n smart for keeping calm n not responding to such reverse strategy played by Mr Arnab…
    As audience n viewers let’s watch n ignore as we have lot of serious business in our own lifes…
    Jai Hind

  8. Ornab, the world is bigger than bollywood, Mumbai and Maharashtra (where every minute one has to prove the love to the state by prefixing a “jai” to everything), atleast as a news channel (the tagline says “the nation wants to know”), grow up a little and look beyond Mumbai and the rotten bollywood. The bollywood was never great except for news channels like yours assigned larger than life image to it – both positive or negative. While some gain mileage by praising the bollywood, you are trying to gain mileage by pretending to demean – whats the difference? Whether you are pushed by the cart from behind or pulled by the cart infront, you are propelling by the carts energy, not by your own!!

  9. I got the intuition that the Arnab will get a heart attack very soon, is he mad or what? He should see himself before broadcasting it. Kya chutiya panti karta h gandu…mera chota bhatija nind se uth gaya is chutiye k awaj sunkar….pagal sala

  10. Arnab Goswami
    Please get a life. We all can understand your jealousy with Salman as he appears much better than you despite of being older than you, but please, stop making a fool out of yourself on national television.

  11. I would rather prefer to see Salman and Arnab to do a movie together with all real act and see who can be a real hero and a real villian. For the Scripts, pls ask for more comments

  12. Arnab is jealous on salman….he is not yet a senior citizen…even Arnab look too old…Arnab when u say someone look old don’t think people will think you’re young…only cowards go by age….

  13. Arnav you are doing good work God bless you.
    But I have seen your debate is like fish market.And I see that you don’t appreciate opposed Comment. This is not debate.
    Everyone have their opinion.

    Now on Shraddha Kapoor give her a break man. Just trying to trouble her and gaining TRP. Not fair bro.
    It looks like your people shouting CBD Oil do they know exactly what she order.
    Amazon is selling on line . Without knowing the THC content in the CBD Oil. You cannot call it a ban drug. India should legalize CBD like other countries. It’s very helpful for people with arthritis depression pain etc etc

  14. Rubbing the nose and getting popularity, rubbing the towel under the legs /ass dirty things doing, – is this acting? First learn acting before covering up your dirty dealings and spoiling the entire youth of generarion,through drugs and making money…

  15. I love Arnab! His outbursts are way more entertaining than Salman Khan in recent times. He knows well that the only thing that sells is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Just remember to take out your brains before you switch on Republic!

  16. Arnab Goswami is the king of journalists. What he says is right. And giving a person a role according to his age should be the norm. Not oldies defying physics in stupidly crafted films

  17. Arnab sir is the best.

    Salman khan is the worst person in bollywood, I would not say him a actor, because he has not acting skills.

    He is famous because of his p.r teams.

    If he leave bigg-boss, still people will watch it, if it goes intresting.

    Bigg-boss is because of the contestants, not because of salman khan. He just come for 1 day a week.

    Bigg boss type shows are telecasted on other countries also and they are popular there also, because people are interested to see the human behaviour, fights etc. They enjoy it.

    So please… Salman khan is really a 55 year old man. He should get retired now, any give opportunity to other youngster. SRK doing that, he knows he look very bad, he looks too old. So he is not working on films too much. It is a good behaviour.

  18. Don’t underestimate Arnab & Republuc TV. You fellows are jealous of the popularity and efficacy of the channel. It is only due to Kangana and Arnab Goswami the drug mafia has been exposed. This channel is undoubtedly the best in modern times due to its unbiased and truthful reporting.


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