Ghulam Ali accepts Kejriwal invitation, says would love to perform in Delhi


Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali on Thursday said that he was grateful for the Delhi government’s invitation to perform in the capital.

Talking exclusively to, the legendary ghazal singer said, ” I heard in the news that Kejriwal sahab’s government had invited me to perform in Delhi. I’m truly grateful for the love shown to me. I had met him once in the past and found him to be an honest man, who cared about his people. Unka jab bhi hukm hoga main haazir ho jaaonga.”

“Ham music ke log hain, kala ke log hain, hamein log pyaar se bulaayenge to ham kaise inkaar karenge. Main yaqeenan is baat ka bahut ehtaram karta hun ki unhone yeah daawatnaama pesh kiya. Mujhe bahut khushi hain ki Hindustan ki awaam mujhe dil ki gahraaiyon se muhabbat karti hai. Muhabbat ka jawab to muhabbat se hi diya jaana chahiye. (We are music artists. How can we say no if people invite us with love? I truly respect that he (Kejriwal) has invited me to perform here. I’m thrilled that Indian people love me so much. I have to reciprocate their love.)”

Talking about the cancellation of his concert in Mumbai and Pune, where he was expected to perform to pay tribute to the late Indian ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali said that the development had pained him briefly but the sadness ‘evaporated after seeing outpouring of love by Indians.’

He said, ” music doesn’t have religion. As artists we unite people through music. We only distribute love. My only pain is that I couldn’t pay tribute to Jagjit sahab. But may be the show got cancelled for a reason. I’m coming back to Delhi to perform in a show organised by a newspaper next month.”

He said that he didn’t hold any grudges against Shiv Sena.

“I have no hard feelings against anybody. It’s human nature for some people to get carried away by emotions. Some people love you more some less. I pray to Allah that their misgivings about me are removed soon so that all of us can live without any hatred against each other.”

Ghulam Ali also thanked the West Bengal government for inviting him to perform in Kolkata adding that it will be his ‘honour to perform even in Kolkata.’

Ghulam Ali was scheduled to perform in Mumbai and Pune on Friday (tomorrow) but the organisers decided to cancel the programme following Shiv Sena threats.


  1. Kejriwal sir rightly strike the chord that music and voice cannot be restricted to the physical boundaries between the nations…AAP is the only hope remains as of now in Indian political arena which can ensure cordial and peaceful co-existence of multi-religious sections.

    • Absolutely right. Only AAP seem to be the political party with objective approach despite money, media & muscle power manifests as obstacles in his efforts to bring peoples government to their service.

  2. No problem……Kejriwal has now portfolio and no work…….The entire delhi is suffering from dengue epidemic……..Sure he will come and participate in Sham-e-gazal with you Mr.Gulam ali sahab

    • At least Kejriwal is in India, unlike ur insensitive communal minded PM who is spending hard earned tax payers money in foreign countries. Under current polarised environment no sensible investor will think of investing here. Think of it sir!


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