Getting judged for looks occupational hazard: Swara Bhaskar


Swara Bhaskar is someone who prefers to be known for her acting rather than her clothes but the actress says the pressure of looking good is an occupational hazard for celebrities.

The 28-year-old “Nil Battey Santa” star said she was rejected for films because she did not look like a conventional heroine.

Swara Bhaskar
“I have had all kind of bizzare experiences initially in my career with filmmakers saying I am not a conventional heroine material. I was rejected for a role and told that I am too intelligent looking.

“A reporter once asked me ‘You are not that beautiful. How do you feel about it?’ And I was like ‘I love my face and even my boyfriends don’t have problem with it’. Getting judged for looks is an occupational hazard. We are continuously in front of camera. I think you need to love yourself and be happy,” Swara said.

The actress feels that women are judged more for the way they look.

“All actresses feel the pressure of looking good. Not only actresses, women in general are more concerned about the way they look. Women are judged more on their looks than men.”

Swara turned showstopper for designer Shikha Ghalsasi’s label “Whimsical by Shikha”. Dressed in pretty floral gown, the actress said she felt like a princess.

The designer’s collection had floral prints and patterns created by stamping actual objects.


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