Furious Arnab Goswami slams his former boss Rajdeep Sardesai for interviewing Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty; likens it to Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’


Arnab Goswami on Thursday launched a tirade against his former boss, Rajdeep Sardesai, for his decision to interview Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty for India Today Group. A furious Goswami compared Sardesai’s interview for India Today and Aaj Tak TV to Karan Johar’s chat show, Koffee With Karan. A visibly animated Republic TV founder said that Sardesai’s interview could at best be termed as Koffee With Tak.

Goswami said, “Today 130 crore people of India have been cheated. That’s because this ‘Tak’ people are providing a platform to Rhea Chakraborty, whose arrest is being demanded by the entire country. Can the country forget that Rhea Chakraborty is the prime accused in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case? Can the country forget that Rhea is the prime suspect in the Sushant case? Are there attempts to project a suspect as a great human being by providing her a platform.”

Goswami did not stop here. During his conversation with the lawyer representing Sushant Singh Rajput’s family, Vikas Singh, Goswami took a potshot at Aaj Tak TV channel and Sardesai by calling his interview with Rhea ‘Koffee With Tak.’ He said, “They claimed ‘Rhea will speak and reveal secrets.”

Goswami added, “Don’t forget that he (Sardesai) is the same man, who had declared Sushant Singh Rajput a mediocre actor.”

The screen of Republic Bharat continued to flash ‘Aaj Tak became Kal Tak’ to imply that the Hindi channel belonging to the India Today Group had become history. His sharp dig at Sardesai, who works as a consulting editor with the India Today Group, came on the day Republic Bharat extended its lead in the TV ratings over Aaj Tak.

A tweet by Republic TV read, “Historic record broken! Republic Bharat records highest-ever 16.5% viewership among Hindi news channels; stretches gap to the rest. Thank you, dearest viewers, for your unwavering faith.”

According to the weekly audience insights released by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), Republic Bharat had secured the 16.40% viewership among Hindi news channels, while Aaj Tak was placed at the second position with 14.26% market share.


  1. Oh the ever self-righteous, boastful, tough talking & arrogant Arnab Goswami at his worst. He needs some sensational news every day to prevent his debate program from dying. His programs are all about fake news & fake narratives. He is a blot on even yellow journalism.

    He running media trial is ok & when other TV channels give a chance to Rhea to tell her side of the story, Arnab puts on an angry young man mask. ED which is merrily leaking whatapp chats must be taken to task. ED that investigates economic offences should not have entered this case at all. ED was forced into the case to leak enough information to Repulic & TimesNow TVs of the world to whip up public opinion to influence SC to order a CBI inquiry so that Shiv Sena government can be brought down?

    100s die in India & Arnab instead of picking suicide/murders of common man/women, picked up Sushant’s case as he is a mini-celebrity. Also, when there are 100s of cases piled up before SC, how come Sushant’s case gets heard out-of-turn & CBI inquiry ordered?
    Why did the family allow Sushant to do whatever he liked & are now crying foul? How can Sushant’s married sister Priyank get 4.5Cr of Sushant’s money deposited in her name ? The government friendly TV channels were like Rhea is not his wife. Is it politically correct to practically brand Rhea as a keep?
    What is the authenticity of the whatsapp chats? How are the central government friendly TV channels sure that ED has not edited the the chats before leaking it to these channels?
    The central government friendly channels are hurting the memory of Sushant. It is likely that Sushant was taking drugs along with his bollywood buddies? Are they going to charge Sushant for use of drugs posthumously? Is it anyone’s case that use of drugs is prevalent only in bollywood? There is a fair chance that Sushant was using drugs to enhance his mood or come out of depression & depended on Rhea & his friends circle to procure those drugs.
    Mumbai police might have done a shoddy job as they were sort of convinced that Sushant had committed suicide. One TV channel was talking in terms of poison mixed in juice. Common, if Sushant died of poison, there was no need for his to be killed by hanging. The TV channels are not allowing their viewers to look at the other side of any given argument. With Sushant no more, how can CBI prove that Bollywood implemented a big conspiracy to slowly kill Sushant through drugs & finally force him to hang himself. Rhea saying “Sorry Babu” on seeing his dead body in mortuary is a big scoop for the government friendly TV channels. Rhea had left Sushant’s place on 8 June, 6 days before his death & she might have had s fight with Sushant before leaving. As she was seeing Sushant dead for the first time after leaving him, she might have felt sorry. The way government friendly TV channels put it, it looked like Rhea felt sorry for killing Sushant. The death of Sushant have been shocking for all inmates of the flat & they might not be able to remember every thing that happened on 14 June or there might be inconsistencies in their version. And this cannot be a reason to suspect deep conspiracy by the inmates to kill Sushant. What is wrong in Sandeep Singh taking over funeral arrangements though he might not have been in touch with Sushant regularly? What is wrong in Sandip Singh getting a call from Dubai. The logic of the government friendly TV channels is that Dawood has his gang in Dubai , Dawood has links with Bollywood & Bollywood wanted to harm an outsider like Sushant & so Sandip was instructed by his handlers in Dubai to remove evidence. This is plain stupid. Arnab Goswami might have seen many bollywood movies & his reasoning is based on bollywood logic.

  2. Republic TV has no other news. That is why he is covering only one news for the last several days. Arnab does not know anything else than keep on barking at others and that is what he good at. Republic TV does not discuss relevant matters like unemployment, economy or covid situation. Only andh bakts like to watch him because of his andh vishwas of the ruling party

    • I think Arnob is the only true Liberal Indian who don’t afraid to talk about underprivileged people he is the true Indian who can talk about common people of India he is never party with fals people he is our new Mataji Suvash chandra Bose we all Indian supporting him because he can make Indian more Carrageous to fight against wrong people as Nataji coated that every Indian should have five year army training is compalsary to combat against right and wrong.

      • He is not a true indian. He is a fake indian, who never even once has spoken good about any of the opposition parties. He is a true bjp boot licker narrates their fake agenda through the powerful media platform. If it was any other journalist who speaks against the central govt,would have already been jailed for over 100 years.

  3. Do you have any idea what you are saying,I do agree with you that Arnab Goswami is playing his own strategy,but Rhea who had intentionally gave drugs to ssr ,8 Hard disk drive had been damaged.
    Why she is not been arrested,I think you know better than me. Bollywood mafia’s have got always relationship with Dawood.
    Today, T- series company’s Father was also
    Killed by Dawood,that is the reason why he always put oil to respected person salman khan so that his business can run well.
    Leave all this,
    Just know the actual fact..

  4. Rightly said.
    Arnab has chosen wrong profession. He should have been film story writer.
    He is forcing the countries legal resources to a case, where we are not going to benefit anything.

  5. The way Times & Republic TV channels are talking is that they are above the law and judiciary and Mumbai Police and Investing agencies are idiots. These channels gets all evidences and documentary proofs of all scams and crimes and they are deciding the punishment. If this is the case why India want Police and other investigation agencies, let these channels investigate the cases and decide the punishment. Our country can save a lot more in expenses.


  7. Arnab the pimp think he, s the best anchor and journakist,,, but he is pathetic and stinks,, soon he will be seen with a condom and begging bowl for sperm as he seems impotent and a eunuch with his long gtown unkempt filthy hair

    • Sir Arnab Goswami is the right person to challenge goons & criminals like you who are defending the prime suspect called reha with full power.I’m proud of sir Arnab for pesticidings the viruses of Bombay….JAI Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  8. This guy is out of mind , every body has the right to present his side. You can’t just hang someone one sidedly …and how are you sure that Rea is culprit…if you have and proof just give it to cbi…they are toiling for several days to know the truth. Just save their efforts and time.

  9. what 130 crore People . I am not in fvour of ur one sided story and ur repeated attempt to slam ur own panelists . we want to hear both sides which Aajtak , India today ,news 18 is giving .. so just stop staying 130 crore people support ur so called justice

  10. “As per leading PSYCHIATRIST……
    FAMILY SPONSORED BREAK – UP with a live-in-relationship Partner can be SUICIDAL…..”
    FAMILY SPONSORED BREAK – UP …… by son – in – law OP SINGH ..through DCP DHAIYA of Mumbai Police…caused SUICIDE of Sushant Singh Rajput…
    “In the Instant Case, its KK Singh father SPONSORED BREAK-UP of Sushant Singh Rajput with Live – in – Partner Rhea Chakravarty.”
    BACKGROUND : Honour Killing, Family Sponsored Break- up is common in Backward BIMARU States like BIHAR.”

  11. He is not a true indian. He is a fake indian, who never even once has spoken good about any of the opposition parties. He is a true bjp boot licker narrates their fake agenda through the powerful media platform. If it was any other journalist who speaks against the central govt,would have already been jailed for over 100 years.


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