Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV faces condemnation for broadcasting reporter’s expletives LIVE on TV; clarification says reporter belonged to different channel


Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV has become the topic of intense social media conversations after it broadcast a reporter’s expletives LIVE on TV. The channel issued an extraordinary statement saying that the reporter worked for a different news channel. The embarrassing development took place on Friday morning as Republic TV’s representatives endlessly chased Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik, who was being taken away by the Narcotics Control Bureau team for questioning in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Goswami has faced scathing criticism from entertainment celebrities such as Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star, Kubbra Sait for his shenanigans in the past.

Twitterati began to fervently share a clip from Republic TV, which broadcast the reporter’s expletives LIVE on its channel. In the clip, an unidentified reporter was heard saying, “O, fu** Maadharc*od.”

Faced with widespread criticism, Republic TV issued a clarification saying that the reporter in question did not work for Arnab Goswami’s channel. A statement by Republic TV said, “A reporter’s clip using unparliamentary language is doing rounds. The reporter ISN’T FROM REPUBLIC but from another channel & was taking a lift in our car. Questions may be directed at that reporter. Republic will take STRONG LEGAL ACTION against anyone ascribing it to Republic.”

This dominated social media conversations with netizens targeting Republic TV for its latest shenanigans. The hilarious coincidence was the ticker flashed by Republic TV, which claimed, “You heard it first on Republic.”

This is not the first time that expletives have been broadcast on Republic TV. In July this year, Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi had found himself in the line of fire after a video of calling a panelist ‘Maadarc***’ on RepubliC TV went viral.

Republic TV’s Hindi channel, Republic Bharat, was discussing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ladakh on Friday. As expected, Maj Gen Bakshi too was taking part as a regular panelist when he lost his cool at a guest, who allegedly questioned his bravery. Reacting to his taunt, Maj Gen Bakshi said, “What’s left for negotiations after 15-16 June(when the Chinese army killed 20 Indian soldiers)?”

This prompted a fellow guest on Goswami’s TV channel to taunt Maj Gen Bakshi as he said, “Go for a war. When will you wage a war. That’s what I am asking.”

A visibly irritated Bakshi lost his cool and replied in anger, “Oye lowly person. Ill-mannered. I did not faff around in the army for 31 years.” Bakshi was then heard saying, “Maadarc*** (Motherf****r).”


  1. You are no “Janta ka reporter”. Change your name to “Paid media”. When the entite nation is for justice for Sushant, you run paid articles defending Rhea, attacking Kangana, attacking Arnab. Learn how to be janta ka reporter and listen to the janta.

  2. Sorry about the state of journalism
    Never expected it will go this low. Is it not possible to form an apolitical regulatory body to control and bring some sense.

  3. Oh come on…everyone is human. Don’t tell me you don’t swear? At least his channel is fighting for the right thing. Not a paid media.

  4. Till the time Republic TV doesn’t reveal the name of anchor and channel he is linked to, the Republic is fully responsible for the this whole bullshit it has broadcast. Even if the reporter is from any other channel still the Republic TV is liable for broadcasting this garbage.

    • Same on u.What have you done for the country?Just explain it.He is doing his Job as a India’s top most Reporter and founder of Republic Bharat TV. He is not a fool but the people who makes some irrational comments on the social media are full.

  5. The halla gulla on Arnab show is more distressing than the news reported about an unknown news reporter abusing .
    All debates shoild be banned on news channels. Only genuine news to be relayed through the news channels.

  6. My suggestion is just ignore these News channel, stop watching them for a while. Just see they will come to their basics of reporting healthy and clean news.

  7. When a bloody civilian who has never ever faced anything in life mocks a General who has faced many wars is asking for it. I don’t blame Gen Bakshi what do these civilians know about war.


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