From being exposed by journalist on lies to posting ‘fake’ quotes on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut continues to face public embarrassment


Pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut has continued to grab media limelight in the last few weeks, mostly for the wrong reasons. Last week was no different when she was forced to delete tweets after being caught lying in a Times Now interview and allegedly sharing fake news attributed to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Worse, her decision to threaten the journalist backfired spectacularly. The journalist in question was merely seeking to correct her wrong claims about voting for the Shiv Sena in elections.

In an interview to Times Now’s Navika Kumar, Kangana had said that she had voted for the Shiv Sena even though she was a BJP supporter because there was no BJP candidate at the polling booth in Mumbai where she was registered as a voter.

Journalist Kamlesh Sutar had taken to Twitter to write, “I see some factual error here. @KanganaTeam says she ws forcd to vote for Shivsena. As per @CEO_Maharashtra data, @KanganaTeam is a voter of Bandra west seat. Ashish Shelar of BJP was Sena-BJP candidate here in 2019. In Loksabha agn Poonam Mahajan of the BJP fought n won.”

Kamlesh continued, “If she says she is talking about 2014, then again BJP-Sena fought together in Loksabha with BJP contesting the seat. in Assembly elections She had an option of voting for BJP as both the parties fought separately. And Yes they fought 2017 BMC elections separately as well!”

The fact-check by Kamlesh left Kangana rattled as she threatened the journalist to send him to jail. She wrote, “You are wrong don’t spread misinformation I will send you a legal notice you will have to prove this in court, this trolling will cost you a lot you will end up in jail for your naughty lies.”

Unperturbed by Kangana’s threats, Kamlesh replied, “And @KanganaTeam ji, I’m Journalist not a troll. So pls do not try to intimidate a Journalist with ‘this will cost you a lot’ type threat ! Good Night!”

The journalist found plenty of support as the Mumbai Press Club warned the motormouth actress to mend her ways. It tweeted, “The Mumbai Press Club takes serious cognisance and condemns the threat by @kanganateam against journalist/Club member @kamleshsutar. Celebrities, Politicians & their workers, pls do not intimidate journalists. @MumbaiPressClub strongly backs the fraternity.”

Congress leader Sachin Sawant wrote on Twitter, “.@INCMaharashtra strongly stand behind @kamleshsutar ji! In this trying times when lies and mudslinging has taken precedence over truth under godi media , very few journalists have courage to call spade a spade. Satyamev Jayate!.”

Even BJP leader Ashish Shelar extended his support to the journalist in his tweet posted in Marathi.

A day later, Kangana found her at the receiving end once again after many Twitterati pointed out how she had shared fake news by falsely attributing a quote to one of India’s foremost freedom fighters. She had written, “I do understand and appreciate what left stands for but that has never worked for me,I belong to right ideology and my experiences have taught me people won’t give you your due by begging them You will have to snatch it. #SubhashChandraBose.”

She was once again fact-checked by many Twitter users including Subhasini Ali, a former MP.

Faced with public criticism, it seems Kangana has deleted the tweet because the tweet is not available on her timeline.


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