Freudian slip or bold admission? Salman Khan’s stunning confession on biases for Siddharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill


Bigg Boss host Salman Khan on Sunday night suffered from Freudian slip thereby confirming his biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla and his friend Shehnaaz Gill. This was after Salman played a few clips of housemates physically assaulting each other in the past. They also included videos of Siddharth and Shehnaaz. In one video, Shehnaaz was seen slapping Siddharth, while in another video, the latter was seen pinning Shehnaaz down on the ground.

Siddharth Shukla

Salman asked Siddharth, “Shukla, how do you feel watching this?” Siddharth replied laughingly, “I am laughing at myself.” Salman pretended as if he was not amused. He said, “It’s not funny. It’s not funny Shukla.”

Salman continued, “The way you pinned her (Shehnaaz) down, people gave it a different colour. That you physically overpowered Sana and she was traumatised. She started hitting herself. Is Sana insane? People, who don’t watch the whole episode believe that this happened (Siddharth assaulted Shehnaaz). Why is Sana behaving like this? Is she not able to digest the respect and fame? She has gone wayward. Does she think she has actually arrived, that she will become Katrina Kaif after leaving the Bigg Boss house? Would you ever see Katrina Kaif behaving like this?

“Now, should the people watching Bigg Boss believe anything that coming to their minds or they should ignore such shenanigans? In your relationship (with Shehnaaz) which is that point where one can make out when we can think it’s a game and this is not personal.”

Salman then inadvertently let the truth out, confirming the doubts expressed by many that this year’s Bigg Boss show was biased. Salman said, “She (Shehnaaz) is looking wrong. What she did today, she is looking wrong. How long can I save her? Till when we can take (her shenanigans) in comedy? Until when we can call her a child?”

Salman’s comments proved that the makers of Bigg Boss has been saving Shehnaaz in this competition. But, Salman also had another Freudian slip during the Weekend Ka Vaar show as he also appeared to confirm his biases in favour of Siddharth.

Addressing Siddharth, Salman said, “Shukla, what you said just now explaining your intention (behind your friendly fight with Shehnaaz), we understand that because we’ve seen that and know the intention behind that. But that intention is being wrongly interpreted. You better take care of that because we show what we are able to in the hour-and-half-long show. So, do what you need to do.”

Salman’s reply also indicated the makers’ helplessness in controlling the opinion of the show’s viewers who watched the clips of the show on Voot and other social media platforms.

This year’s show has come under massive criticism for its glaring biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla. The makers of the show have refused to take punitive measures against him despite his violent and abusive beahviour. He was found to have physically assaulted at least on two occasions. He was first nominated for two weeks after Siddharth was found guilty of physically assaulting Mahira Sharma. He faced another nomination for another two weeks after he violently attacked Asim Riaz.

Instead of admonishing Siddharth, Salman was seen lashing out at Asim.


  1. Not janta Ka reporter it should be Asim Ka supporter, change your name!!! Holy crap your article. Salman khan can never be biased he is doing what we want as viewers, we can do without you but not without him, so keep trying your luck !

  2. Love the way salman handled the situation.not now but last few episode one cld see how strangely sana was behaving.salman is right she has been OVER possesive. If she loves him she must give him space to makeup his mind
    Blackmaling is not love?Hats off to sid for being so gentelmanly unlike paras.Sid had,on number of occasions ,told her to relax and we wl talk once out.I think she is too used to getting her way and can’t take no. For her Sid is a trophy not love.poor sid

  3. Shenaz is not a kid she ,as per her admisdion being staying alone from a very young age.Its her over possesion of Sid niceness and clinging to him for fame.She is over acting and as salman had said ,not able to digest the love showered to her by her fans.I request her true fans,if they really like her then please vote less for her so that she comes down from her cloud 9 and work harder herself in bigboss. I am also sidnaz fan and wld love to see real love not possesiveness whic is dangerous.

  4. Seeing your past few posts you are putting all your effort into showing Siddharth Shukla in bad light by using double quotes (“) to highlight non-sense points. Do you have Arhaan Khan/Shefali Bagga or both as members of JKR staff?
    Go get a life and report something useful. If you feel Bigg Boss is biased stop watching/reporting/talking about it altogether. I am not sure till when people can take your shenanigans as immature media reporting.

    • Irony is you suggesting the editor to stop seeing the show, while you are jabbering here on this post. Why can’t you ignore and not read this article if you don’t like it. stop following this website and heap praises or your dislikes somewhere else.

  5. Ha ha.. Seems you are getting paid to support Asim. You cannot twist the facts, Salman is not biased at all. He brings clarity to the show, he guides all the housemates if they are going wrong. He have lashed out many times on Shukla and because now Shukla have listened to Salman’s advice he is looking much better.
    On the contrary, Asim have lost the plot because he now have nothing to showcase. He only had one thing to come into spotlight by fighting with Shukla and now that is also gone. Poor guy, he only have muscles not brain. Your article will further increase support for Shukla not Asim.. lol…

  6. Big Boss is turning shit day by day. The Big Boss seasons that we enjoyed were of Dolly Bindra, Sambhavna Seth, Rakhi Sawant, Pooja Mishra. There was no shit and filth like Sid and Shenaaz. Please stop this dirt and porn of Sid and Shenaaz. Bring Dolly Bindra for 2 weeks like Vikas Gupta and see the entertainment level. That will be real fun.


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