Former co-star makes stunning revelation about Siddharth Shukla’s ‘abusive’ beahviour, says he abused Rashami Desai in front of 80 people


In another dramatic development, a former co-star of Siddharth Shukla has confirmed that he often abused Rashami Desai on the sets of Dil Se Dil Tak, a drama series aired on Colors TV in the past. Vaishnavi Mahant, who played the role of Siddharth’s on-screen mother, has said that she was often the witness to Siddharth’s abusive behaviour adding that he often lost control over his tongue in a fit of anger.

Siddharth Shukla

A video of Vaishnavi’s interview has now gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, Viashnavi was asked if there was any truth to claims that Siddharth often abused her in front of 80-off people on the sets of Dil Se Dil Tak. To which, Vaishnavi replied, “Haan, aise kuch instances hue the, hame bhi pata hai (Yes, Even I know that such instances did take place)And we were sometimes witnessed that. Sometimes Siddharth Shukla can’t control his mouth. What he says and such incidents have taken place on the sets (Dil Se Dil Tak).”

As reported by Janta Ka Reporter earlier,Vaishnavi had also said that Siddharth was a habitual offender in bullying co-stars. Recalling one such episode, she had said, “He had a problem with a male co-star. He, Siddharth, even misbehaved with him. In my opinion, Siddharth was to be blamed here. That boy (Siddharth’s co-star) was doing his work and Siddharth would deliberately use dirty language against him on the sets in front of everyone. He (Siddharth) would make fun of his mannerisms and acting. That boy (Siddharth’s co-star) wasn’t a newcomer. He had acted before. So, I thought that was unprofessional (on Siddharth Shukla’s part) because that boy later refused to work with Siddharth.”

Earlier this week, Rashami was heard confiding in Arhaan Khan by claiming that Siddharth was sacked twice (from Dil Se Dil Tak show). “Once, he returned because of the channel, while on the other occasion he had to apologise…He would also harass another co-star. That also caused quite a lot of issues prompting the TV channel to hold two meetings,” Rashami had told Arhaan.

Both Rashami and Siddharth started this season of Bigg Boss with bitter fights. Salman Khan had told Rashami over the weekend to sort out their past hinting that both of them may have been in a romantic relationship.


  1. Rubbish no 1 abused Rashmi desai she is 1 proper actor she is nonstop trying to spoil sidharths name. She tries to get all the members against him but sidharth never tries all these cheap methods. Rashmi always target sidharth and tries that all the members go against him. She dont deserve any1s sympathy

  2. Abusive tu bigg boss mein bhi hai siddhart baat baat per gali deta hai pata nahi log usko itna kauyn support ker kay hero bana rahay hain ?


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