Forget chemistry of Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth, Somi Khan’s feelings for Romil Chaudhary in Bigg Boss 12 house is sight to watch


Another couple to look out for in the Bigg Boss house is Somi Khan and Romil Chaudhary. Romil aka Wakeel Babu, who has been thus seen as the mastermind and the founder of the Happy Club has been having to face a series of setbacks in the BB house.

Romil Chaudhary

After being unable to keep his flock together in the erstwhile Happy Club, his so called sister Surbhi Rana has also turned against him and has gone as far as casting aspersions on his character. Of late the gutsy jat from Karnal in Haryana is seen reduced to tears and emotional at the drop of a hat. After the last Weekend Ka Vaar, he was seen emotionally wrought because of Sreesanth’s epic meltdown.

Another reason for the breakdown of Romil’s stoicism is the fact that Somi Khan has been having a hot and cold attitude towards him. While Somi has been praised for her fairness and resilience by none other than Salman Khan this week, she has been emotionally fragile letting her soul bare about her feelings towards Romil.

On previous occasions too, she has been seen agitated when Romil has been shown to be sympathetic towards Jasleen Matharu. In the episode broadcast on Tuesday, Somi Khan on seeing Jasleen sitting next to Romil very disparagingly told her that as Anup had left the BB house, she was looking for another option as a boyfriend/lover in Romil.

While Jasleen reacted aggressively, Romil quietly maintained his distance. Later, as Somi regreted her comments and profusely apologised to Romil, her act of jealousy did not go unnoticed by ardent admirer Deepak Thakur.

To what extent will Somi Khan be able to profess her feelings to a father of one and fellow housemate is left to be seen; but in the meanwhile their antics in the BB house are keeping the audience entertained.


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