Flying kisses leave Amitabh Bachchan perplexed as KBC host struggles to control gynecologist from Haryana


Amitabh Bachchan had yet another episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, where the contestant’s action left him in a fix. Days after being asked to act as a marriage counselor, Bachchan on Friday found himself in another round of predicament when a lady doctor from Haryana began to shower fly kisses on her relatives, seated in the audience, after winning the fastest finger first.

Amitabh Bachchan

Before occupying the hot seat, Dr. Urmil Dhatarwal from Hansi in Haryana, made Bachchan wait for over a minute as she continued to send flying kisses to her relatives including her husband and daughter in the excitement of having won the fastest finger first round.

A visibly perplexed Bachchan finally spoke his mind on the contestant’s action as he said, “Itna flying kiss to kisi bhi contestant ne nahi diya hai, jitna aaj aap ne chhod diya hai hawa mein. (No other contestant has ever released so many flying kisses in the air as much as you’ve done today). ”

The contestant also left no stone unturned in causing embarrassment to her husband, a retired dentist, on the show. She said that her husband, Dr. Jitendra Singh, was a lazy person, refused to move an inch at home. “There’s a saying in Haryana that a lazy person can only move his ears and nothing else,” her disparaging comments about her own husband cause quite a laughter amongst the audience but Dr. Singh did not appear to be amused.

Amitabh Bachchan detected his discomfort and intervened with the following sentences, “Sir, you don’t believe a word of what she’s saying. I am with you. Wives always complain that their husbands never work.”

Bachchan also asked the woman contestant to respect her husband’s decision to enjoy his life after his retirement.

Dr. Dhatarwal went on to win Rs 25 lakh on the show.


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