First look of Om Puri’s ‘Project Marathwada’ unveiled


The teaser of Project Marathwada, starring veteran actor Om Puri as a distressed farmer, perfectly showcases what farmers in India go through because of poverty.

Launched on Tuesday, the teaser of the film, made by filmmakers Prakash Patel and Bhavin Wadia, begins with Tukaram’s (Om) son committing suicide. It showcases the grief-stricken family and the villagers who remain speechless and unsurprised yet are filled with void in the hapless situation. The twist in the story develops after Tukaram himself decides to end his life but fails miserably in his attempt.

Om Puri said in a statement, “It’s moving at how we have abandoned our farmers and yet they have continued to feed us. While playing the character of Tukaram, I have felt a part of their lives and it is really disturbing to see their miserable state. We hope to create a strong wind and arouse a sense of responsibility in every Indian to reach out to the fateful farmers.”

Celebs pose for the media at the Launch of film Project Marathwada
Celebs pose for the media at the Launch of film Project Marathwada

Wadia said, “This project is very close to my heart as I belong to an agricultural family. I have seen the ups and downs of my family and want to create awareness and wake up the dormant government to help the entire community of farmers.”

“In India, film is the best medium to reach to the larger audience for bringing forth the crisis of the farmers. I am thankful to Om sir who has shown faith in us and this venture of Project Marathwada,” he added.

The film also stars Govind Namdeo, Dalip Tahil, Kunal Seth, Seema Biswas, Rahul Patel, and Farrah Kader.



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