Fatwa against Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi and A R Rahman for making film on Prophet


A fatwa has been issued by Mumbai-based Raza Academy, against filmmaker Majid Majidi and Indian music composer A R Rahman demanding all Muslims to reject their film titled, Muhammad: Messenger of God, which is the first trilogy based on the life of Prophet Mohammad.


A week ago, the group had written to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanding a ban on Majidi’s film.

The fatwa said that Islam prohibited from depicting the picture or visual of the Prophet adding that the film made a mockery of Islam.

Moreover, the Sunni organisation also has issues with non-Muslim actors, who have been cast for some key roles in the film.

Iranian Director-Majid Majidi
Iranian Director-Majid Majidi

The fatwa adds that the Muslims working in the film, especially Majidi and Rahman, have “committed sacrilege by making such a movie and will have to read the ‘kalma’ again and also solemnise their marriage all over again.”

Rahman has not reacted on this issue so far.

The film, which was released last month in Iran was also screened at Montreal World Film Festival on 27 August.



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