Fans poke fun at Siddharth Shukla as WWE wrestler John Cena posts Asim Riaz’s photo on his Instagram page after Bohemia’s public praise


Days before this year’s Bigg Boss reaches its climax, fans have begun poking fun at contestant Siddharth Shukla highlighting the soaring popularity of his rival contestant Asim Riaz. This was after WWE wrestler John Cena shared a photo of Asim on his Instagram page.

Siddharth Shukla

No sooner did Cena, who has close to 13 million followers on Instagram, share Asi,m’s photo, fans went berserk mocking Siddharth Shukla and his fans. While some Siddharth fans wrote on Cena’s timeline stating that they were disappointed by his public endorsement of Asim. One wrote, “John I am your biggest fan from India but today I am disappointed.” Another asked, “Does John Cena watch Bigg Boss?” 

On Twitter, Asim fans attacked Siddharth and his supporters with insulting comments.

Earlier, rapper Bohemia too had thrown his weight behind Asim with an emotional post. Thanking Asim for his praise on the famous rapper inside the Bigg Boss house, Bohemia had written, “Wow, God bless you brah. I’ve got blood relatives that are too jealous to shoutout me the way you do. #asimriaz ❤️?”

Bohemia has close to two million followers on Instagram.

This year’s Bigg Boss has faced flak of being explicitly biased in favour of Siddharth, who was found to be abusive and violent on more than one occasions.


  1. Guys you need to bark for supporting Asim but Siddharth is a brand for supporting him no one need to tell anything his genuinty is seen not fake as Asim

    • What kind of brand he is if no-one is noticing him worldwide ? he’s 40 years old and his time has gone ? it is asim’s era ? people know him for what he does not by his brand image like Shukla ? he has earned his fandom ❤️ Shukla is getting favour be his gf who is content maker head of big boss, Manisha Sharma ? otherwise he would have thrown out of big boss a way earlier ?


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