Fake news peddler Madhu Kishwar apologises after Kolkata Police ‘initiates’ legal action for sharing old video from Bangladesh as incident from Kolkata; once again blames ‘reliable friends’


Fake news peddler Madhu Kishwar has once again been forced to issue a public apology after being caught sharing an old video of people chanting Islam Zindabad from Bangladesh as an event from West Bengal. Kishwar, who’s notorious for sharing fake news demonising Muslims, deleted the video from her Twitter timeline after the Kolkata Police said that it had initiated legal action against her.

Faced with an imminent arrest, Kishwar tweeted, “Dear @KolkataPolice, I have never knowingly indulged in spreading fake news. I deleted it the moment a friend called & alerted me. This video was sent to me by an otherwise reliable friend. My sincere apologies for having forwarded it, mistaking procession in Dacca for Kolkatta.”

This was after the Kolkata Police tweeted, “#FakeNewsAlert A video clip from Bangladesh is being falsely claimed to be from Kolkata. Legal action initiated.”

However, eagle-eyed Twitterati were quick to dig out Kishwar old tweets blaming her ‘otherwise reliable friends’ every time she was caught spreading fake news on the microblogging site. Keeping this in mind, many urged the Kolkata Police to not spare her on this occasion.

Last year, activist Saket Gokhale had filed a police complaint against Kishwar for her brazen Islamophobia when she tweeted in response to journalist Rifat Jawaid’s tweet. It started with a video of a TV debate shared by Rifat, who had accused BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha of indulging in bigotry against him by calling him a supporter of Pakistan during a programme on the News 24 TV channel. Rifat’s tweet, now gone viral, read, “So when Rakesh Sinha could not reply to my points with logic he indulged in his tried&tested trick—called me pro-Pakistan. I had to firmly remind him that Muslims did not need his certificate on patriotism! You can watch the full programme here.”

Kishwar had replied, “Yes, Muslims will need to prove their credentials and deserve certification given their track record in post 1947 India, not to talk of earlier centuries.”

(Rifat Jawaid is the founder and editor-in-chief of Janta Ka Reporter)


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