Facebook, Instagram go down globally as users take to rival Twitter to inform


Facebook and Instagram were once again down on Tuesday evening as users took to rival Twitter to inform each other. Many users from India and as far as Canada posted screenshots saying ‘something went wrong’ to inform that they could not access the social media platform.

Some users also said that they were not able to access the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Even London’s The Sun newspaper posted a breaking news informing that the popular social media platform was down, indicating that users in United Kingdom too were not able to access the platform. It said that thousands of users in the UK, Europe and the US said they could not access the social media sites.

The platform, which claims to have 1.23bn monthly users, displayed an error message to users who were trying to log on. The message displayed on Facebook page read, “Sorry something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

On Tuesday morning, there were reports of Facebook messenger going down in several parts of the world. The outage had lasted for several hours before it could be restored.

In September this year, Facebook had gone down twice within a week.


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