Facebook continues to target jantakareporter, removes a news article


Social media giant Facebook has once again targetted jantakareporter.com, by removing yet another news story.

This is the third time in little over a month, the social media giant has removed article published by jantakareporter.com on the pretext of either community standard or copyright violations.

The latest article removed by Facebook, which is known to behave obnoxiously and blatantly partisan way against certain brands or individuals, is an innocuous entertainment story on Great Grand Masti.

We carried story on how the censor copy of Great Grand Masti had been leaked online. This was an unusually short story consisting of barely 150 words without any video.

You can read the story here. 

But, in their wisdom, the Facebook concluded that as media organisation only jantakareporter.com was not allowed to carry the story. Whilst our story has been removed with penalty, the similar stories posted by Hindustan Times and India Today on their pages continue to remain.

In the past, Facebook removed a video of Sadhvi Prachi asking for Muslim-mukt India. The arguments cited in favour of the video’s removal was that the video fell short of the social media platform’s basic community standard. Once again, it was only our video that was removed, while other media brands and individuals were allowed to post Prachi’s video.

It seems that an arrogant Facebook has decided to target us systematically to hurt our business interests.

We condemn this action by Facebook, which appears to be working at the behest of a certain ideological group.

Jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, slammed the social media giant for adopting a ‘disgusting’ approach to ‘kill start-ups’ in India.

He said, “Thank God Facebook’s Free Basics was not approved by the TRAI. Given the dirty game that Facebook keeps playing targetting small businesses such as ours, I dread to imagine the consequences Free Basics would have had on start-ups in India.

“It defies common sense that a simply text story can be claimed for copyright violation and Facebook despite billions of dollars at its disposal still doesn’t have a mechanism in place to check the authenticity of the claim. What also doesn’t make sense is that the same report was not deemed as copyright violation when published by big news brands such as India Today and Hindustan Times. This is designed to kill jantakareporter because we tell the truth as we see it.”

We’ve highlighted this selected targetting of jantakareporter by Facebook even in the past and made several representations to their executives in India. But on almost all occasions, we were met with arrogance and utter disdain.


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