Extraordinary! KBC host Amitabh Bachchan brays like donkey to encourage Rs 1 crore winner mid-day meal cook


Popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati will see its second Rs 1 crore winner tonight when Babita Tade, a mid-day meal cook from Maharashtra, resumes her game. Babita on Wednesday replaced a Kashmiri teacher, who went on to win Rs 12.50 lakh. Bachchan was mesmerised by Babita’s story after she said that she fed 450 students every day at her local school but earned only Rs 1,500 as her monthly salary.

Amitabh Bachchan

Babita, whose husband also worked as a peon at the same school, had little problem in answering her first two questions, but she almost got herself out of the competition when she failed to identify the cry of a horse.

The question for Rs 5,000 was, “Identify the animal from the sound it makes.” The options were donkey, horse, zebra and giraffe.” Without taking much time, she said the sound was that of a donkey’s. Bachchan looked at her in bewilderment only to make her change her answer to the horse.

Bachchan later pulled her up jokingly for not identifying the sound of a horse correctly. He said, “See, she said it’s a donkey.” A donkey brays like ‘chee paun, chee paun.’ As expected, this drew loud applause from the audience, who found Bachchan’s mimicry quite fascinating.

The show with Babita will see plenty of emotional moments tonight. Bachchan had asked her what she would do with the money won on KBC. The cook said that she will buy a mobile phone for herself since her family was compelled to use one mobile phone amongst themselves. Bachchan said that all other contestants in the past told him that they will either repay their loans or buy houses or start businesses but she was the first contestant to say that she will use her money to buy herself a phone.

Bachchan will later gift her a phone during the show even though Babita will go on to win Rs 1 crore.

Last week, a contestant from Bihar, Sanoj Raj, had become the first person to win Rs 1 crore in this season of KBC.

You can watch last night’s episode here.



  1. Total setting is going on in KBC. nothing related to knowledge just to make a win any poor to inspire( actual sending them on wrong way) to do a SMS during next KBC REGISTRATION. that’s the real earning of SONY and KBC HOST


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