Kashmiri IAS topper Athar Aamir Khan is causing revolution in education sector in Rajasthan


Athar Aamir Khan had shot to fame in 2016 after he secured the all India 2nd rank in the civil services exams that year. The all India topper of that year was Tina Dabi Khan, who later tied the knot with Athar in 2018. The husband-wife duo are now posted as the SDM in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara district. Athar has now become a hero of sorts because of extraordinary act to improve the study condition in government schools in the district.

Athar Aamir Khan

Athar took to Instagram to inform how his initiative had kick-started a revolution of sorts in improving the study conditions of students in government schools. He posted a series of photos of a government school in Badnor subdivision, where children were forced to study while sitting on the floor. Athar informed how his little initiative had resulted in the supply of study desks to that school.

The Kashmiri IAS topper wrote, “The children used to sit uncomfortably on floor with books in their lap. There was no furtniture at all. Not that this suffices completely. We tried to get these study desks made for our kids with whatever local resources we had. This is an affordable solution that we could take up. With contributions from our local residents we are trying to provide these for each and every school child in Badnor subdivision.”

He didn’t stop here. In his subsequent post, he informed how the IAS topper had involved responsible citizens from villages within his jurisdiction to replicate the same in government schools in their respective villages. Terming it ‘one of his happiest days’ in his life, Athar wrote, “We invited residents from our different gram panchayats to see the schools where we had put these study desks. Even before we could request, they all themselves came forward.”

He added, “They made contributions small to big and we now have resources to put these study desks in each and every school of our subdivision. In next 15 days, 4500 school kids will have a desk awaiting in their classroom to read and write upon. No power matches the power of people.”

His followers were quick to hail him as a hero for improving the study conditions of hapless students, who did not have means to afford private education. One user commented, “Sir proud to have such a nice officer in our country.” Another user Vishal Gupta wrote, “Great work sir really you have showed that small small makes a big you are inspiration for us.”

Athar’s extraordinary act comes amidst countrywide attacks on Kashmiris in the aftermath of the terror attack on CRPF jawans in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The Supreme Court last week had served notices to at least 10 states, directing them to inform it about measures they were taking to provide safety to Kashmiris in their states.

45 CRPF jawans were killed in that attack on 14 February. Athar’s act is a fitting reply to those who routinely question Kashmiris’ commitment to India.




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