Evicted contestant makes stunning revelation about ‘unhygienic’ Siddharth Shukla, says he’s using Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif to win Bigg Boss


Shefali Bagga has made a stunning revelation about Siddharth Shukla accusing him of being unhygienic and using Shehnaaz Gill, also known as Punjab’s Katrina Kaif, to win the reality show.

Siddharth Shukla

Speaking after her eviction from the reality show, Shefali said that Asim Riaz was the most handsome contestant in this year’s Bigg Boss show. When informed about former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan’s tweet declaring Siddharth as the most handsome contestant, Shefali said, “From which angle is Siddharth Shukla handsome? He doesn’t even take a shower and keeps roaming in shorts. He only indulges in fights. There’s nothing handsome about him.”

Shefali also took a jibe at Arshi Khan’s age by sarcastically commenting that perhaps she was finding Asim Riaz too young for herself.

Reacting to her comments, Arshi said, “Yes Siddharth Shukla most handsome contestant in bb13.”

Shefali also alleged that Siddharth was using Shehnaaz to win the game. She told Times of India, “Shehnaz understands the game well and it is not like she doesn’t know what is happening. Initially, also whoever got praised by Salman Khan during weekend ka vaar, Shehnaz used to stay with them. So, it would be wrong to say that she is not playing the game, she is playing quite well. Sidharth is using Shehnaz for the game and has realised her popularity. He is trying to pull her down just like Mahira and Paras. Sidharth is giving priority to Mahira over Shehnaz just to put her down. If you are genuinely friends with someone how can you insult that person.”

There has been some bitterness in Siddharth’s relationship with Shehnaaz, who was seen slapping the former on Monday night. Many suspect that Shehnaaz too has detected Siddharth’s real motive behind his friendship with her and, therefore, decided to change her attitude towards him.


  1. Shefali Bagga was friend of Shehnaaz in BB 13, n She did lot like Siddhart in home hence n in her recent eviction from house Shehnaaz supported her but Siddhart favoured her in her eviction hence Bagga is talking against Siddhart ,

  2. Hey bhagwan koi to thoda dimag de sefali bagga ko.sukla kab use kiya sehnaz ko game win ke liye?are wo to proffesor he yar aur baki jo he student he.sab usi se game sikhe he miss bagga.thoda show ko dekho ghar pe bethke .tab apko samajh me ayega.game kya he pata nehi tha isliye do bar nikale gaye.fir b akal nehi aya?????

  3. Bagga who? Kaun hai yeh Kabristan ki chowki darni jo aadhi Raat ko logon ko pagal ki tarah utha deti thi. Kaun se saste akhbaar ki reporter hai yeh, ab usay kutta bhi nahin poochega.
    Asim is like a cross between a Barking dog and a chameleon, that is why Bagga likes him, Siddharth is not her species and her kind, so quite naturally she likes Asim.

  4. Seriously Bagga Ji…Sorry Ji Aapke liye jyada ho Gaya jai.. who knew Shanaaz before BB13 but Sid is very famous….To Soch Kar bolo….Thank u…

  5. Bagga i was hoping that based on your experience as a famed journalist you would investigate, analyse and dish out a fair assessment. As the jyotish said you don’t make a great journalist and should look at a different profession.

  6. Shefali Bagga is a roaming soul. She is so livid that Siddharth did’nt give any air time or attention hence she can demonise Shukla. To say asim is the most handsome, she needs to go to specs savers and get a pair of new eye glasses to see around her more clearly. Siddharth is the most handsome man BB has this year or even last year. Sana has turned nasty and can’t see her winning. Winners usually are human. with some empathy and love in their soul , that voters connect with. Bagga was a waste of time in BB, she abused and irritated HM hours before being unanimously nominated by most HM and evicted. Good riddance to Bagga backwashes.

    • Shefali Bagga, you are influenced by Asim, the most negative & nagging person on BB13, sorry, you have no mind of your own. You are biased… and Who’s using who? Shuklaji does not need to use anyone. He is the most genuine person in the house. It is Sana who is using him and falling head over heels on him to get visibility. Infact Sana is zero without Shuklaji. He has on many occasions told Sana to stay away from him because of her stupidity but she knows she is a zero without him and hence will not give up on him. All she wants is visibility at any cost and someone to fall back on and is therefore using him. Infact, She never
      misses a chance of demeaning him within Asim’s group behind d his back. Shuklaji has never ever done that. He doesn’t go bitching about her to anyone except at times with Paras, he is seen pouring out his heart. Suklaji has been tolerating a lot of her nonsense but never bad mouthed her. So Miss Bagga, who’s using who?

  7. Went all people come into big boss house it is so cleane and nice to see after awhile the house is so dirty poor Salman had to come and clean the house and the bathroom what ashame so many ladies in the house they will keep there house like this poor big boss he spend so much of money on the house they keep there there legs on the nice sofa with there shoes pl Salman tell them to be clean all of India is watching big boss I am seeing this all the shows


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