Enraged fans threaten to boycott Colors TV, Salman Khan after Siddharth Shukla announced as Bigg Boss 13 winner, start cancelling their TV subscriptions


Minutes after Siddharth Shukla was declared the winner of Bigg Boss 13, angry fans of the show have threatened to boycott Colors TV with many even claiming that they had started cancelling their TV subscriptions for the channel. Such was the anger amongst fans that hashtag #BiasedBiggBoss began to trend nationally within minutes of the announcement on the winner.

Twitter exploded in anger moments after host Salman Khan declared Siddharth Shukla the winner of the competition.

This is how Twitterati reacted to the news;

What had left the fans of the Colors TV’s reality show incensed was the brazen biases shown by the makers in favour of Siddharth even when he was abusing and physically assaulting Asim Riaz and abusing his parents. Not once had the show’s host Salman Khan chosen to rebuke him, let alone removing him from the show. Salman’s reputation too took a beating as he was seen to be extremely weak in front of a lesser-known TV actor. Many felt that this was because the Bollywood megastar had no choice but to follow the script failing which he ran the risk of losing crores of rupees in fees.


  1. We r not going to watch colours channel again from the beginning big boss and salman khan was biased everyone noticed that and eventually it ended up as they wanted no more colours now biased people

  2. All naatak from some.section of the fans….. All.of the people and each one of us will watch every year. .let’s stop pretending.

  3. My family is watching hindi version of Big Boss from season 1 this season was for sure very disappointing not at all happy for baisness Hindi big boss is becoming worst every season it seems it’s better to watch Marathi big boss especially the way Manjrekar sir host its with full honesty

  4. The show was not biased. From the very beginning Sid has been targeted. U guys feel Asim should have won? Well we’ll…do u really think so? Asim only kept provoking Sid all the while n Sid retaliated in the best way possible. Did Asim play the game alone? He was always using someone..Sid himself, Arti n then Rashmi. He tried to break Shehanaaz up from Sid. Guys come on..y boycott Colours. There is negativity n positivity in all reality shows. This was a game well played by Sid. Look at the Traps from the very beginning n see who has garnered more votes n was the No. 1 contestant all along.

  5. Majority of fans have voted for Siddharth Shukla, obviously he won, and the lossers tend to feel the same way. Who cares there’s always something like this after the winner is declared. Colors will add up to the favorite of all including the unsubscribed and unfollowed.

    • just answer my question when asim were elite club member there is nothing except a sofa but when sidharat got membership there is messaging chair fruits and dry fruits etc etc. can u justify this

  6. It is clearly showed the clear bised for Sukla. In no previous Bigg Boss season it was acceptable to be physical. This time it was allowed after Sukla,s misbehaving and being physical with other content. Show was fixed.

  7. Even after Shukla’s being physical with Asim the So called bigboss was silent who was seen lecturing on many other issues & Salman is also biased has no moral values.

    Now you have set a trend “Be Physical if you want to own the show”

  8. The show ws biased towards shukla …most undeserving winner…I stopped watching colors…all shud avoid this partail channel…n and salman ..u were disappointing man


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