After Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, now Zee News accused of peddling fake news, channel deletes tweet with doctored video


Zee News is back in the limelight for allegedly peddling fake news through a ‘doctored video’ once again. This time the channel broadcast a video claiming that Pakistan Zindabad slogans were chanted in an election rally of Navjot Singh Sidhu in Rajasthan recently.

The channel also tweeted a video in support of its claim. Its tweet read, “WATCH- Shocking! Pak supporters shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan in Navjot Singh Sidhu rally.”

Zee News

Within minutes of Zee News broadcasting its doctored video, the Congress reacted angrily as party leader Randeep Singh Surjewala posted the original video of Sidhu’s speech mocking Prime Minister Narendra’s claims on Make in India. Sidhu mimicking Modi had prompted Sikh supporters to chant slogans ‘Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Shri Akal.’

Surjewala wrote, “Bhakt Channels have taken over prime positions in the Dirty Tricks Department of the BJP. First ’Fake News Factory’ of @republic & @timesnow spread Falsehood,now @ZeeNews has tweeted an absolutely doctored video of @sherryontopp!
Sharing with you Original Video- Sat Sri Akal!”

Left embarrassed, the channel soon deleted its tweet. But, by then many social media users had been able to download the video and share it on Twitter. You can watch the alleged doctored video below.

Interestingly, the Zee News anchor hosting the show even went to the extent of asking why Sidhu was quiet when the alleged Pakistan Zindabad slogans were being chanted in his rally. This prompted the other female anchor to conclude that perhaps Sidhu was so surprised by the act that he lost his voice!

Meanwhile, Sidhu has told reporters that he planned to file a defamation case against the channel.

In 2016, Zee News was accused of peddling another doctored video to defame JNU students, accusing them of having chanted anti-India slogans. Later, forensic reports had established the channel had broadcast a doctored video.

Not too long ago, Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV and BJP President Amit Shah were caught peddling fake news on Congress manifesto for Telangana, which goes to polls the same day as Rajasthan.

(This story has been updated with the comments being attributed to Sidhu)


  1. There’s no law to prevent praestitutes like Arnab or file a criminal complaint?If a doctor for medical negligence can be booked these press criminals should also be booked

  2. Lol. In the era of NDTv please stop blaming others for reacting. Remember for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

  3. Except you all fake news in India. Lol. You seems to be a Pakistani agent. If anyone speak for this country he is fake. If anyone speak against this country, he is democratic.
    Long live our democracy.

  4. Janata ka Reporter is another big fake news channel spreading false news about BJP. Was there no anti India sloganeering in JNU, what rubbish is being said. nDTV, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, , Ravish Kumar all earn their daily bread by Modi bashing. There is nothing wrong when media takes sides of the corrupt, but everyone has a problem if they support BJP. Do these channels carry programs on the corruption cases under Dr MMS and the UPA regime. Even the so called honest like Prashant Bhushan and Arun Shourie were licking when scams after scams tumbled out of the UPA cupboards and show me one article by these stalwarts or a single PIL in any of the courts. They are all paid and kept their mouths shut. Hypocrites, and look whose talking about fake news.

  5. We have to rethink on viewing Republic TV henceforth. It is a shame . even previously arnab has been found to publish false news & claiming it to be correct.Now people know the true ugly face of reaffirm s our doubt that Republic is a paid channel.
    Public pl review ur thinking on watching these dirty channels.It truly deserves s ban for betraying people’s faith.

  6. Political class has lost all credibility. Politics has almost become a safe home to criminals. So many criminals are in active politics today. So many of the legislators are Illiterate and unscrupulous. Hats off to the political parties for creating such a situation…!!! Why can”t criminals be barred from political activity?. Why can’t some qualification and some psychological test be prescribed for them? Government should take the call.

  7. NDTV is very much reliable
    . Right ? That’s why Pakistani terrorists praise it’s reporters too. Congress ka reporter in disguise of janta ka reporter !!!


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