“Don’t like it, don’t watch it”: Netizens invoke Justice Chandrachud’s famous lines in Arnab Goswami’s case after Anil Kapoor’s apology to Indian Air Force; Anurag Kashyap doesn’t react


Remember the hue and cry over Justice DY Chandrachud’s famous lines while granting bail to Arnab Goswami in the abetment to suicide case! Justice Chandrachud had said that although he did not watch Republic TV founded by Goswami he needed to safeguard the personal liberty of an individual. That famous line drew sharp criticism from many, who reminded the top court why it had not maintained the same stance in cases involving other journalists currently in jail for carrying out their duties as journalists. Justice Chandrachud’s order dominated social media conversations on Wednesday when the Indian Air Force ordered censorship to Netflix film AK vs AK starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap.

Hours later, Anil Kapoor issued a public apology while explaining the context of his character donned in the Air Force officer’s uniform in the film. He said, “It has come to my attention that the trailer of my new film “AK vs AK” has offended some people. As I am wearing the Indian Air Force Uniform while using unparliamentary language, I would like to sincerely offer my humble apologies for unintentionally hurting sentiments.”

Anil then explained, “My character in the film is in uniform because he’s an actor playing the role of an officer. When he finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped, the anger and rage that he experiences and portrays is that of an emotionally distraught father.”

No sooner did Anil share his video, his fans began to invoke the line from Justice Chandrachud’s order on Arnab Goswami to urge the Indian Air Force to exercise tolerance.

While granting bail to Arnab Goswami, Justice Chandrachud had said, “Whatever be his ideology, lest I don’t even watch his channel but if in THIS case, constitutional courts do not interfere today – we are traveling the path of destruction undeniably.”

The Indian Air Force on Wednesday had ordered extraordinary censorship of the film that to over Twitter. It had to face public condemnation with many asking if India had turned into a military dictatorship. The IAF has not reacted to its extraordinary diktat as yet.


  1. Hey Prabhu! What is becoming of us? If you Don’t like something – ignore it – same would hold true for porn, abuses and anything on earth. The logic is incomprehensible.

  2. All judges, in particular, HC & SC Judges should follow certain moral parameters. I think they are being individually subjugated by the Executive and thus losing faith of the people.

  3. Oh really….you mean if someone insults my national flag then I should just look the other way and not protest? I admire your comparison Sir. You are not only a chutiya but a big chutiya.

  4. Don’t like it Don’t watch it doesn’t apply here.
    This is violation of code n ethics of our defense forces. IAF has every right to point out.

  5. Some people are foolish enough to assume IAF to be just a normal day person. That if you dont like it dont watch it. They have forgotten, even Anurag Kashyap threatens lawsuit, if somebody says something wrong. Seriously, if you deliberately pull the name of an institution into your industry, the institution has every right to correct your stance. Even an everyday guy would do that if you directly imply them. Seriously stupid people trying to make fool out of themselves by virtue signalling.


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