Don’t be Sunny Leone’s fan, but can’t deny she has grace


Dr Kouser Fathima

Sunny Leone ‘s recent interview by a journalist has sparked an endless debate. Many were enraged by the questions asked, others thought it was demeaning to invite a guest and prod about her past life. Few expressed that the journalist was only doing his job and openly articulating what many silently felt or spoke about her in private.

Sunny Leone worked as a porn star is no big secret, she did not hide about her work when she entered Bollywood. On the contrary she caught the imagination of Indian households through popular reality show Bigg Boss, wherein the producers and she herself openly spoke about her past work. She didn’t appear to be embarrassed by it.

In spite of knowing her past, many film makers including the famous Mahesh Bhatt went on to sign her for their movies. Her entry was ignored as many felt that she was signed only for glamour quotient and would soon slip into oblivion.

Her initial films were not huge blockbusters but still Leone ended up being the main attraction. Her acting skills are not much to write home about but she looked and still does great on screen. With never ending oomph factor in her possession, offers of films began to pour in.

Film-makers wanted her to be part of the movies even if it was for an item number of as guest appearance. As expected, Leone didn’t say no. And why would she when most of the top actresses are not hesitating to groove to sizzling numbers?

Her stay in Bollywood has extended, so has her fan following. But her popularity has not gone down well with many others, she has been criticised for her dance moves, bad acting skills and also looked down upon because of the stigma attached with her profession as a porn star.

Many jokes and memes about her are still rampant with she being targeted by the moral police brigade. She’s been criticised not just by the journalists but also some celebrities. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that they will never work with her.

No big star has still dared to cast her as their leading lady. Only Aamir Khan has publicly announced that he would be happy to work with her and had no problems with her past. This statement is very encouraging but many have dismissed it as Aamir’s publicity stunt for his upcoming movie. Whatever the reason, it was very brave of Aamir to openly speak about her when all other big stars jave been shying away from her.

You can criticise Leone as much as you can, but at least she has been honest about it making efforts to change her image. The way she conducted herself in the infamous interview was commendable. Anyone else would have broken down or walked off but Leone chose to face tough and embarrassing questions head on. This revealed her spirit and grace. It’s not mandatory for us to be her fans but digging up her past to embarrass her is best avoided. A civilised society should learn to accept an individual ‘s past without unduly judging.

The views expressed her are the author’s own.


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