Disha Patani takes break from posting bold photos to slam Indian media for no coverage on Amazon rain-forest fire


Bollywood actress Disha Patani took time off from posting hot photos last week for a noble cause as she shifted her attention to the raging fire in the Amazon rain forest. Her social media posts showed just how concerned the Bharat actress was about the devasting impact of the Amazon rain-forest fire on our environment. She slammed media representatives for not giving adequate coverage to the fire.


She first posted the photo of the fire with a question to the Indian media. Disha wrote, “Terrifying to think that the Amazon is the largest rain forest on the planet, creating 20% of the earth’s oxygen, basically the lungs of the world has been on fire and burning for the last 16 days running, with literally NO media coverage whatsoever! Why?”

Disha found plenty of support from her fans. One wrote sarcastically, “If Ram Temple in Ayodhya is to be built then we must sacrifice all other news items.” Another wrote, “Because they think money is most important that safe the earth. It’s sad.” “Our media only shows waste news.. sad reality of India,” commented another user.

Disha did not stop here. Days later she updated her Insta story to reiterate her earlier stand on the damaging impact of the fire in the Amazon rain-forest. One of her photos showed a ‘before’ and a current photo of the rain-forest.

The raging fire in the Amazon rain-forest has sadly failed to find adequate coverage in the Indian media, particularly on TV channels, whose editors and founders have been busy playing the India-Pakistan game in their prime time TV debates.

Disha also found support from several other Bollywood stars including Akshay Kumar, Dia Mirza and Arjun Kapoor among others. Akshay wrote on Twitter, “Been seeing heart-breaking & alarming pictures of the Amazon rainforest which has been on fire since more than 2 weeks!It is responsible for 20% of the world’s oxygen. This affects each one of us…the earth may survive climate change but we won’t.”

The news of the fire that lasted for several weeks had dominated conversations of the heads of seven developed countries during their G-7 summit in France this month.


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