Dipika Kakar’s ‘Shame on you’ response to trolls, who targeted her for celebrating Eid


Sasural Simar Ka fame actor Dipika Kakar has been constantly in the news ever since she married her co-actor from the TV series, Shoaib Ibrahim. Dipika, a Hindu by birth, has regularly updated her fans about her life stories too. Recently, she was seen observing the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan.

Dipika Kakar

Photos and videos of her sitting with her family for Iftar had gone viral on social media last month. On observing the Ramadan fast, Dipika had told a website that it wasn’t as difficult as she had kept fasts even before her marriage to Shoaib.

But sadly, she too did not remain unscathed by the prevalent hateful atmosphere that has adversely impacted the Indian society in the last few years. Trolls targeted her for marrying a Muslim and choosing to celebrate Eid.

She has now opened up to slam her trolls by unequivocally stating that it was none of their business. She told Hindustan Times, “why do I owe an explanation to you for my personal decision? Why do you expect that I will live my life on your terms and conditions? How are you even related to me? Just because I’m an actor and you get to know about my personal life doesn’t give you the right to abuse me or slam me whenever you feel like. Shame on you.”

Dipika, who went through quite an emotional turmoil after her divorce with her first husband, had gone on record thanking Shoaib’s family for embracing her like their daughter. She had said that she had developed a special bond with Shoaib’s mother, who she calls Ammi. Dipika asked her trolls why they had not bothered to show their concern when she went through a ‘rough patch.’

“Where were these so called concerned people when I was going through a rough patch in my life? So, how the hell they’ve got a right to ruin my image by giving bad abuses or even abusing Shoaib. I pity them that they have so much spare time to write such long hate messages for us,” she asked.


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