Dipika Kakar betrayed by ‘brother’ Sreesanth while Rohit throws hygiene out of window


Dipika Kakar has been in news lately because of her relationship with former India cricketer Sreesanth inside the Bigg Boss 12 show. Her relationship with Sreesanth had become a reason for a huge controversy during a task when Romil Chaduahry and Shrishty Rode had allegedly made disparaging remarks equating her relationship with Sreesanth to that of her husband Shoaib Ibrahim.
Dipika Kakar

On Wednesday night, Dipika had lashed out at fellow contestant Deepak Thakur after he allegedly touched her inappropriately. As her argument with Deepak gained intensity, Sreesanth had charged at the contestant from Bihar threatening to assault him physically.

However, on Thursday night, Dipika felt betrayed as Sreesanth bluntly let her down during an important captaincy task. Deepak, Dipika, Surbhi and Romil were shortlisted to fight it out for the captaincy task.

As part of the task, each contestant was expected to nominate a fellow housemate to represent them in the game. Dipika instantly asked Sreesanth to play on her behalf, but the former India pacer shocked everyone by bluntly refusing to bail his ‘sister’ out. Frustrated by his refusal, Dipika later convinced Megha Dhade to represent her in the game.

It remains to be seen how Sreesanth’s snubbing will impact Dipika’s relationship with him in days to come.

The task ended inconclusively as housemates failed to reach consensus on eliminating one contestant from the game after the Bigg Boss gong went out. This now means that the house will be without a captain this week.

Another highlight of the Thursday night’s show was Rohit Suchanti refusing to take a loo break and instead decided to urinate in Surbhi’s sipper. Both Surbhi and Deepak provided protection to Rohit as he relieved himself in front of other housemates.


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