Dilip Chhabria took 30,000 hours to design Shah Rukh’s techno spaceship


Automobile designer Dilip Chhabria re-created a vanity van as a techno spaceship in 30,000 hours (two and a half months) for Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actor likes to maintain his class and high taste when it comes to his lifestyle.

The actor’s newly modified vanity car is way different from other vanity vans used by stars around the world. The interior of the bus boasts of a lounge section, a driver cabin, master bedroom, a fully equipped restroom and an integrated makeup section along with a unique LED lit glass floor and wooden roof made by the DC design studio.


Chhabria said that the actor loves all things futuristic but at the same time wants to keep things clean and classy. About the making of Khan’s techno vehicle, Chhabria said, “It was a challenge for us to marry functionality with the aesthetics of the whole bus and give him an exclusive product with super functionality.”

Shahrukh Khan’s vanity van is a 14-metre long vehicle, more than the usual 8-9 metres. Most of the switches inside the van are touchscreen. Chhabria added that the bus includes high-end audio and video equipment along with several other gadgets. All switches, lights, sofas, beds, handles and doors inside it are proprietary. The main elements used to develop it are glass, wood, acrylic, carbon and aluminum.



In May 2009, when Chhabria had built this beautiful van for King Khan, he had said, “We usually design vans that are eight to nine metres in length. But this one’s 14 metres. Since a 14-metre van can’t be easily navigated, we’ve used a hydraulic system that enables it to reduce in size when in motion. It can later expand to double its size when stationary.”

Khan was keen and deeply involved during his van’s design stage.

Not only this, the vehicle has a steel grey exterior and interiors in chrome, steel and black and white combinations. It’s got a Volvo chassis.


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