Difference between ‘normal prostitute’ and Arnab Goswami….Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma releases first look of his film ‘Arnab, The News Prostitute’ with stinging attack


Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has released the first look of his film Arnab, The News Prostitute with a stinging attack on the Republic TV founder, Arnab Goswami. While sharing the poster, Varma explained the difference between a ‘normal prostitute’ and Goswami. This came just days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik asked everyone to shun TV channel that were engaged in spreading hate.

Sharing the first look of Arnab, The News Prostitute, Varma wrote, “The difference is a normal prostitute takes off her own clothes to entertain others. whereas,he takes off others clothes to entertain himself ARNAB The News Prostitute.”

In a separate tweet, Varma wrote, “THE NATION WILL KNOW THE TRUTH behlnd what THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW.” He added, “This Is The First look poster THE NATION WILL KNOW what THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW.”

In the video, Goswami could be heard shouting in his inimitable style even as Rs 2,000 notes kept falling. The short video has already clocked almost half a million views on YouTube within two days of its release.

On 4 August, taking a dim view of Goswami’s relentless coverage on the unnatural death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Varma had urged Bollywood big names such as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and filmmakers Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar to break their silence and stop Goswami from portraying Bollywood in a poor light. Varma was incensed by Goswami’s recent on-air meltdown where he sought to expose the ‘criminal side’ of Bollywood.

The Bollywood filmmaker had also said that his next film to expose Goswami will be called ‘Arnab, The News Prostitute.’

More recently, FIR actress Kavita Kaushik had issued bold advice to ‘change the world’ as she urged people to end their obsession with Saif Ali Khan’s son and stop watching ‘sadist’ TV channels such as the one owned by Arnab Goswami. Kavita, who had earlier slammed Goswami for his shenanigans during the coverage of the Palghar lynchings, took to Twitter to share her thoughts. Her idea was instantly endorsed by Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait.


  1. The citizens of India are today aware of happenings and can decide appropriate response by glorifying a person or bringing to earth. Nobody is indispensable

  2. RGV is a member of BollyDawood… a flop director is ready with another super flop, why? Just to please Boss of BollyDawood. Enquiry into who funded this will be an easy answer.

  3. I shall be the first to watch this movie… 😁 even I am ready to pay a huge amount to watch this on its first day release…
    Arnab is a prostitute and ramo sir will definitely portray his role we’ll in the movie..

  4. Only mean and lowly people can term a honest journalist like arnab as prostitute.Now it is evident that those who are engaged in loot of nation and are trying to convert India into a Islamic state,have resorted to all type of dirty tricks to shut the mouth of Arnab.

  5. It was only because of Republic TV the news of Sushanth and Disha has come out open. He will strip people for the truth to come out. Who gives the right to take a film on someone to portray in a bad light. CBI also will strip to get the truth out. Are you going to take a film on them. What for CBI is there. The truth is out and if not people can do anything they want using high influence. As if Bollywood is so decent to tell they are in bad light now

    • Where the truth is out? If Arnab shouts like dog, does it mean truth is out?We have Judicial system to deliver the judgement.Only fools think that Arnab is a judge. He is the biggest blackmailer .

  6. Who is that non-sense named ram gopal verma.???
    Just shut up.
    U continue ur job of kissing ur dreams.
    Don’t come into public platform by attacking a firebrand, daredevil, truth-seeking honest journalist.

  7. Truth is always bitter Ramuji.Launching such a poster shows your all mentality against the people fighting for truth. Arnabji is at his right path and we will always support him.

  8. What Ram Gopal Verma is doing, the same Arnab does. So what’s the difference? Both are same. By the way India have very big population and everyone has it’s user base.


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