“Didn’t want to give COVID-19”: Salman Khan makes huge revelation on Bigg Boss; tells Rahul Vaidya why he stayed away from parents for six months during lockdown


Salman Khan has sensationally revealed why he stayed away at his farmhouse for six months during the nationwide lockdown earlier this year. Admonishing singer Rahul Vaidya on Bigg Boss, the Bollywood megastar said that he did not want to infect his parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan, with coronavirus.

Salman refused to buy his argument saying that Rahul Vaidya had projected himself as mentally weak by quitting the show. Salman said, “Everyone misses their parents. I was in my farmhouse for six months Rahul. Why? Because if I go home and I end up infecting them with corona by mistake. Six months.”

Rahul had walked out of the show saying that he was missing his parents and desperately wanted to meet them. Salman told him on Sunday, “You knew that you would not get facilities (to meet your loved ones) for 3-4 months. Under your contract, you were expected to pay a penalty if you left the show midway.”

A desperate Rahul Vaidya said that he wanted to enter the house once again to play the game with more passion. He added that other housemates may understand his situation and desperation to meet his loved ones.


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When Salman asked Bigg Boss housemates for their opinion, an overwhelming majority of them said that they wanted to see Rahul back in the house.

Meanwhile, Vikas Gupta has reportedly been kicked out of the show for violently pushing Arshi Khan into the swimming pool. Earlier, Salman had vowed to never speak with Arshi for her ill-mannered behaviour.



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