Haryana BJP leader explains he never addressed Priyanka Chopra as Rahul Gandhi’s dog


Haryana BJP leader Raman Malik on Wednesday reacted angrily to a tweet posted by the Congress attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While reacting to the tweet, Malik also tagged actor Priyanka Chopra.

Raman Malik

The Congress in its tweet had attributed a quote critical of PM Modi to Priyanka Chopra. Its tweet had said, “PM Modi is lying about Soil Testing Labs too. During UPA regime there were 1141 Soil testing laboratories: @priyankachopra.”

The statement was made by Congress Spokesperson Priynaka Chaturvedi on Wednesday afternoon in during a press conference. But, people managing the Twitter handle of @INCIndiaLive appear to have confused Priyanka Chaturvedi as the actor Priyanka.

Reacting to the tweet, Malik wrote, “@priyankachopra when did you become the Spokes person for @RahulGandhi ‘s @INCIndia, pappu’s pidi on a role… (sic)”

Malik faced Twitter roasting from a couple of journalists, who slammed him for calling Priyanka Chopra the Congress president’s ‘dog.’ Demanding an apology from Malik, journalist Prashant Kumar wrote, “Raman ji, I thought you were a sensible man but this tweet hs terribly proved me wrong. U very well knew it wasn’t the Priyanka u have tagged but Cong spokesperson @priyankac19. But you’ve shamelessly termed @priyankachopra, global pride for India, a dog. Outrageous.”

To which Malik clarified that the pidi (Rahul Gandhi’s dog) jibe was meant for those managing the Twitter handle @INCIndiaLive and not the globally famous Indian actor. He wrote, “Get a hold dude … i thought you were a sensible and competent journalist
read the tweet BEFORE you express “PAPPUS PIDI ON A ROLE” is for his TWEET handlers…. now you apologise for your misunderstanding (sic)”

Prashant wasn’t the only one, who felt that Malik had addressed Priyanka Chopra as a dog. Journalist Rohini Singh wrote, “It’s amusing and cringeworthy to see men go to obnoxious lengths to get a woman’s attention. And if it’s a movie star then they don’t even mind making public fools of themselves just to get her to notice them. Awkward!”

Malik replied, “You too Brutus!! the image has the issue, read the communication … its not PC being called PIDI but the tweeting team of @RahulGandhi.”




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