Did Disha Patani just cross limits to tantalise fans? Earns flak!


Disha Patani is one Bollywood actor, who has been famous for being comfortable in her own skin. Her social media posts are replete with photos of herself with bare minimum clothes. The Baaghi 2 actor’s decision to use her social media accounts to flaunt her body has often made her a favourite target of online trolling. Disha is back being at the receiving end as she faces allegations of crossing limits in her bid to tantalise her fans using her accounts.

Disha Patani

This was after she posted a photo of herself posing in a Calvin Klein bra. In her first photo, Disha was seen flaunting her back while the second photo of the series showed her giving a seductive look at the camera. What appears to have irked her followers is the caption which read “Don’t forget to swipe left!”

This, according to many, was her most desperate attempt to tantalise her fans. One user wrote, “Disha’s back is so beautiful. She knew people will forget to swipe so she mentioned it!” Another user wrote sarcastically, “Actually stop showing off. Nobody care what are you wearing. Everybody cares what inside it is.” “Why made her feel that we leave without watching all her photos,” asked another fan.

Her timeline soon saw a deluge of obscene comments, most of which are so vulgar that they can’t be reproduced here.

Disha Patani’s attempts to promote Calvin Klein undergarments have been extremely controversial. Last year, she chose to greet her Hindu fans on the occasion of Diwali by wearing a bra. And if that was not enough, she followed it up with another controversial outfit to greet Christians on their festival of Christmas, when she posted a photo of herself in a bikini.

But, the actor making it a point that her followers see both the front and back pics of herself in a bra, is to some a sign that she’s here to tantalise social media users, perhaps in a bid to gain more followers.


  1. When you can accept a pron star like sunny lione in movies and interviews why point out the girl who is just in her bra?. Stop this childishness of acting as very sansakari. Maybe she did it for more fan followers on internet but what is so bothering to someone else.


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