Did Bigg Boss 12 contestant Jasleen Matharu really prank millions of viewers on relationship with Anup Jalota?


Jasleen Matharu was evicted out of the Bigg Boss 12 house along with Megha Dhade on Saturday night. While entering the show, Jasleen had stunned everyone by announcing that she was in a romantic relationship with her music teacher, bhajan singer Anup Jalota. The duo courted considerable controversy outside the show as Jasleen’s father reacted angrily to his daughter’s revelation.

Jasleen Matharu

Now Jasleen has contradicted herself stating that she had played a prank on the viewers by claiming to be in a romantic relationship with Jalota. She told Hindustan Times, “The truth is that there has always been a guru-shishya relationship between us. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Anup Ji had called me on stage by referring to me as his shishya. Since it was a premier show with Salman Khan and Anup ji, I immediately thought of playing a stupid prank. I went on stage and cracked a joke that we were in a relationship since three years and are going in the house as a couple. I thought Anup Ji will react to the joke but he didn’t and in no time Salman sent us into the house. The prank was left incomplete and could not be cleared.

“When Shilpa Shinde came into the house, she told me that the matter has turned into a huge mess. I got afraid and was hurt thinking that Anup Ji has denied having any connection with me. I didn’t know he got so hurt by my prank. A very embarrassing situation appeared for him and for my family. My father was very upset over this. Now I have cleared everything after coming out of the house and all is well.”

After being voted out of the show, Jalota had performed a spectacular U-turn on what he said while entering the Bigg Boss show; he denied ever being in a romantic relationship with Jasleen. He was quoted as saying, “Soon after Jasleen was offered this show, she contacted me. She asked me if I could be her partner on the show. I told her, ‘No, I don’t have that much time. I am always very busy.’ Then Jasleen’s father (Kesar Matharu) insisted that I go with his daughter. When he requested me twice or thrice, I complied. It was decided that we would enter the show as Guru-Shishya (teacher-student). Six days before Bigg Boss 12, Jasleen was picked up the makers from her house, post which she lost contact with everyone.”

Jalota implied that that the producers came up with the boyfriend-girlfriend angle just before the show was to start in a bid to make the reality show more spicy and watchable. Jalota had later lashed out at Jasleen accusing her of having used him to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. He had told entertainment website Spotboye.com, “She wanted to ride on my popularity— which she did. I am a very positive person and I feel if I can help someone, I should. If she has used me for the platform, I am happy that she succeeded in doing that.”

Later Jasleen slammed Jalota when former Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan accused her of faking her relationship with the bhajan singer. The aspiring singer said that she had been with Jalota for four years adding that there was no truth in what the singer had said to the media after his eviction.

Jasleen’s father had sensationally said that his friends were taunting him after the news of his daughter’s relationship with a man, 34 years older than her, became public. According to him, one of his friends had advised him to carry out an honour killing of his daughter. “I have been getting calls from people I know. They are telling me ‘Hamari beti hoti, toh kaat ke phenk dete (We would have killed her if she was our daughter)’,”  Kesar Matharu was quoted as saying.

It seems Jasleen and Jalota have decided to vehemently contradict themselves for fear of reprisal from the former’s family by taking the ‘prank’ route as a comfortable excuse.


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