Demand grows for Siddharth Shukla’s eviction from Bigg Boss after he indulges in more violence against Asim Riaz


Demand is growing for Siddharth Shukla’s eviction from the Bigg Boss reality show after he indulged in more violence against Asim Riaz on Wednesday night. Wednesday night’s episode also saw Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma flirt with each other. Their ‘romance’ included Siddharth praising Mahira’s beauty saying that her face was priceless.

Siddharth Shukla was provoked by Paras Chhabra against Asim Riaz as the former began to make fun of the latter’s modeling career in South Africa. Little did he realise that Asim was listening to his conversation with Paras. What provoked Siddharth was the statement made by Paras, which said that Asim was being disloyal to him after he continued to protect him in the competition all along.

Aarti Singh rightly detected the game played by Paras, who was seen creating fissures between the two erstwhile friends. When he later told Siddharth to not lose his cool, Aarti chided him saying that why he didn’t think of the adverse reaction from Siddharth when he was provoking him against Asim.

Even Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai wondered how Paras and Mahira Sharma had developed so much of a liking for Siddharth. Both had locked horns with Siddharth all through this season of the reality show.

Shehnaaz later told Paras and Mahira that Asim had formed his own independent team with Shefali Jariwala, Himanshi Khurana and Hindustani Bhau. Aarti, she said, was acting neutral and may reveal her cards soon. Shefali, Himanshi and Asim were heard agreeing to approach Hindustani Bhau that they will support him for the captaincy role only if he makes Siddharth work in the kitchen without giving him an easy time.

Aarti nailed it when she said that Siddharth was allowing himself to be used as a puppet by the likes of Paras and Mahira even though he accused ‘Paras of the same’ in the past.

Hindustani Bhau also agreed with Aarti stating that Paras and Shehnaaz desperately wanted either Asim or Siddharth to physically assault each other.

Meanwhile, several prominent individuals from the entertainment industry have slammed Bigg Boss for ignoring Siddharth’s shenanigans accusing the makers of the reality show of brazen biases.


  1. There isn’t ending the limits of cheapness by psycho and pathetic Siddharth Shukla and God knows what’s the problem of that cowered who never leave a single chance to target Rashmi. Still it’s strange Why BB and Salman khan support him blindly.Now we should understand why the BB logo is of one eye. lolz

  2. Every body sees what Sid did in the last episode… nobody is seeing what Asim is doing…. continuously provoking him…he is an angry man…what he will do? Ha…..and u guys are talking about justification…bull shit

  3. Assalamualaikum bhaijan a kya hogaya bhaijan bb house may sid kyun physical hojata hai har baar kuch o kur deta hai, surf 2 week k liye nomination a uske liye correct punishment nahi evict hi kur do hamesha guess hi aata hai, chichora paras Aur o bade hotowali mahira sid k sage ban rage hai Aur o pagalpagal dikhanewali o moti shehnaz kamini logo ko bhadkarahi hai thukti hun Aise logo ko Lanat hai Yaar b b sani discipline Aur rules is 13 season may o hai hi nahi

  4. Asim took advantage of Sid… He was one who used a abusive word and then pushed Sid.

    He came to limelight… Because of Sid and now thinks he is a celebrity and thinks aggression makes him famous.

    Foolish guy

  5. Shukla behaves like a ruffian…seems his bring up is like dis…he must be evicted ….official indulgence favoring him must stop….

  6. Yes Shukla should evict and Shukla ke kaade bhakto Shukla ne pehle Gali Di chutiye ke bacchy Zara gaurse bb Dekha kro samj aaya na #justiceforasimriaz.

  7. Thus us the best season of all just cause there are celebrities that means no rules of hitting and English language and bad abuses on girls and direct attack on girls…. Great job big boss 13

  8. Asim and sid were my fav but now i feel evn normal conversation sid will be in aggression mode only everytym u be aggressive no one will take it yaar evn in friendship so y aim is getting angry .paras and shenaz are just adding fuel to fire they are taking advantage of both friends fight .

  9. No siddharth should not be evicted. Can be sent to secret room to settle down his temper n anxiety. Asim should not provke siddharth shukla

  10. Shukla’s behaviour is very disappointing. He should be evicted for violence with Asim, Big Boss is favouring Shukla for unknown reasons.

  11. Asim knows sid’s behaviour very well still he is continuously provoking him ..salman sir kai kahne par siddhart ji ka aggression kafi kam hogaya tha .but asim ko ye kuch digest nh ho raha ki sid apna aggresion kam kare …asim must be evicted from show not shukla ..

  12. Asim knows sids behaviour very well stil he is continuously provoking him..salman sir kai kahne par siddhart ka aggresion kafi kam ho gaya tha i think asim ko ye sab digest nh ho raha hai..asim must get evicted from show not shukla

  13. Asim is wrong now with intensionaly he is doing he make sid angry and then want that sid will hurt him and then he will get evicted from bb house but now that disgusting asim should evicted from bb house

  14. Bhai kch logg yha keh rha ki asim provoke krta h bhai hr agla banda provoke krta h dusre ko asim ko bhi bahut baar provoke kiya gya but he didn’t indulge in physical fight with anyone & provoke se yaad aya shehnaz gill jo aaj aake sid ki sagi ho gai sbse zyada provoke krti h sid ko asim ke khilaf or wo babu bhaiya ho bhi jate h.??????????

  15. That idiot psycho drug addict should be kicked out from the show…but makers is chamcha..they rules are changed from now because of their ladla psycho shukla

  16. Siddharth should be sent out of big boss immediately as he talks arrogantly and hurts others feelings especially ladies ,poor Asim is genuine

  17. Wow, being an international fan both are at fault. But Asim is more forget what Sid did for him. If he is angry should ignore him instead of instigating him to be evicted. Asim is not a man enough. He should believe in his ability rather than target Sid

  18. Asiasim ko jaana Chahiye ghar c bahar kyun k vo game plan h uska sidharth us p hath uthaye or ghar c bahar ho..use malum h SB c strong sidharth player in big boss house


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